In a sticky situation...not literally LOL

<p>So, I have been panicking over the last few weeks. First, I was rejected from Cornell-AEM (ED) and deferred from Villanova-VSB (EA). So far, I have only gotten into state universities, Rutgers-RBS and Penn State-Smeal.</p>

<p>I am doubting my chances of getting into other schools I have applied to: Babson, BU, BC, George Washington, UMich, NYU.</p>

<p>What do you guys think?? Could you assess me on information posted below?</p>

Location: New Jersey
Ethnicity: Asian (Indian) American
Gender: Male
Major: Finance/Economics</p>

GPA: 84.68 UW (somewhat of an upward trend)
SAT: 1350/2040 (720 math, 630 critical reading, 690 writing)
SAT IIs: 740 Math Level 2, 510 Chemistry (did not prepare well, will retake in January)
AP Tests(not sending): Stat (2); will take Calc BC, Chemistry, Psychology, and Spanish
Courseload: Will have taken 4 APs and 10 honors courses by end of high school
Class Rank/Percentile: Top 18% of my class</p>

<p>Extracurriculars/Volunteer/Work Experience:
1. Future Business Leaders of America (10-12)
2. Spanish Club (10-12) [Vice President, 12]
3. Town Unity Coalition (11-12) - [Officer]
4. Indian Cultural Club (9-12)
5. Volunteer at Hospital (10-12) [Lead Volunteer - 100 hours]
6. Data Entry for Family Tax Business (9-12)
7. Travel Soccer (6th-12th grade) [Captain 8th-11th]
8. School Varsity Soccer (11-12)
9. DECA Business Club (11-12)
10. Dance Team (6th-10th grade) [Noopur Jhankar Dance Competition 2008 - 3rd place]</p>

Essays: Very well-written and unique
Teachers Recs: Good not great
Guidance Counselor Rec: Good not great</p>

Spanish Honor Society (10-12)
National Honor Society (11-12)</p>


<p>Do interviews with each school! And do NOT send that Chemistry score.</p>

<p>You have been accepted at two excellent programs. Can you pay for at least one of them? If so, it is time to do the Happy Dance. Anything else is gravy.</p>

<p>You'll probably get into Babson and BU and probably waitlisted/rejected at Michigan and Boston College. I can't help you with NYU or GWU.</p>

<p>Being Indian + not very impressive numbers (SAT scores and GPA) hurt you a lot. :(
Everything except Cornell seems to be a mid-reach. Cornell is a really big stretch. Apparently Ivies hate Asians.
Good luck! I think you should be proud you've already been accepted to two programs. :D</p>


<p>I have applied to cornell with 1800 and an aspiring religion story of sikhism ??
Me no chance ?</p>

<p>Race aside, an 1800 isn't doing you any favors in the first place. A 2000 is considered on the low end for them.</p>

<p>manjoy1: ivies hate asians in general, not just indians... don't take it too personally.</p>

<p>What's wrong with Rutgers? Rated in top 25 public schools. It is not your under-rated "state school". People seem to think you got to get to a private 50k/year college to get a degree. Rutgers (New Brunswick) is a great college town, easy access to NYC. The 4 campus spread makes it feel smaller than it is, good transport between the campuses, great places to hang around in the campus. I'd choose Rutgers over Penn State. RU has the school spirit going as well with Div 1 athletics.</p>

<p>From the website:
Highly ranked. The New Brunswick undergraduate program was ranked #3 by The Wall Street Journal for producing the best graduates (2010).</p>


<p>I'm curious as why you'd recommend Rutgers over Penn State? What are your reasons for doing so?</p>

<p>^I think it is a personal choice. From what I remember, Rutgers may have it easier for getting internships as lots of companies in the area. Penn state is more rural..But things may have changed now..Again if you are in PA, go to Penn state, if in NJ , go to Rutgers..cheaper and closer to NYC.</p>

<p>Thank you for feedback. I'm wondering, is NYU-CAS, or Villanova-VSB realistic possibility for acceptance?</p>


<p>bumppppppppp again</p>

<p>Should I consider doing ED II to NYU CAS?</p>

<p>haha dude manjot chill. Its not gonna make that big a difference. Sikhs, in my opinion, have a slightly better chance.</p>

<p>also do ED 2 if you want to go there. I've seen your other thread on the NYU sub forum. That guy was right. Stop posting again and again looking for people to make you feel better about your chances. be realistic</p>

<p>ok Thanks man</p>