in state/out of state

<p>My son is interested in applying. He is an average student who attends a prestigious competitive prep school. He loves sports and wants to attend a school that he can feel a part of. Mostly he is attracted to large state schools with a strong sports teams (D 1) although he has played varsity soccer, it is unlikely that he will play soccer in college. I personally think it will take up too much of his time and he will need to focus on school. My question is, how hard is it for out of state students? Some schools, like UConn say it is easier for out of state students to get in. Is this also true at PS-UP?</p>

<p>About 20% of PSU's students are from out of state. You can evaluate your S' GPA and SAT stats by visiting the following link:</p>

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<p>I also remember reading somewhere (I don't remember where), that for OOS students the minimum SAT is about 100 points higher than for in state.</p>

<p>When we attended an admissions info session at psu, someone questioned if it was harder for out-of-state applicants to be admitted. The counselor said no--basically admissions criteria is the same for in-state or out-of-state.</p>

<p>Rememeber the stats in the link above are for students OFFERED admission. The Freshman class profile of kids attending will reflect much lower averages for any college.</p>