In-State & Out-State Determination?

<p>I am currently a high school Junior living in the state of Florida. I am looking at college's and trying to decide which ones I want to apply to next year. I'm really confused on how in-state and out-state works. I understand that it's different for every state and the two states with colleges that I'm looking at other than Florida are Tennessee and North Carolina. I was born in North Carolina and moved from there when I started 7th grade, however we have maintained a dual-residency in both NC & FL. Would I be eligible for in-state tuition at a NC university?
When I was looking at the requirements for in-state in TN, it didn't say I would have to live there a certain amount of time before being considered in-state. So if like the summer after I graduated from high school I officially moved to TN would I be able to enroll as in-state? Also, I will not turn 18 years old until after the fall semester of my freshmen year of college has started so would I legally be able to move even though I'm still considered a minor?</p>

<p>To make a long story short, I'm really confused and could use some help clearing all of this up. Thank you!</p>

<p>I don't know how you can be considered resident of two different states. Maintaining a summer home or second home doesn't make you a resident.</p>

<p>From UNC: "Under North Carolina law, to qualify for in-state tuition for a given term you must prove:</p>

<pre><code>That you established your legal residence (domicile) in North Carolina.
That you have maintained that domicile for at least twelve continuous months before the beginning of the term.
That you were physically present in the state.
That you intend to make North Carolina a permanent home indefinitely, rather than being in North Carolina solely to attend college."

<p>From TN: " Every person having his or her domicile in this State shall be classified "instate" for fee and tuition purposes and for admission purposes.</p>

<pre><code>Every person not having his or her domicile in this State shall be classified "out-of-state" for said purposes.

The domicile of an unemanicipated person is that of his or her parent. Unemancipated students of divorced parents shall be classified "instate" when one parent, regardless of custodial status, is domiciled in Tennessee."

<p>Looks like you are only a resident of FL.</p>

<p>So because TN doesn't say I have to have lived there for 12 months, does that mean I can graduate and move there the summer before the semester starts and be considered in-state?</p>

<p>"The domicile of an unemanicipated person is that of his or her parent."</p>