Info on Residence Hall Webinars for NYU Freshmen

<p>Hi, I have just gotten this link to sign up for Residence Hall Orientations via
the webinar format. All the Freshmen Residence Halls are included, including
University Hall. The webinars take place this week, 8/9/10 to 8/12/10.</p>

<p>Sign up and listen in. You can get check in info, as well as other info on NYU Living
for the coming year. I believe there is also a Q & A at the end of each webinar.</p>

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<p>Be aware the webinars for Third North and Rubin Hall are up for tonite beginning at 6 PM.
Then Goddard and Founders for Tuesday.</p>

<p>Bumping this in case some of you did not see this.</p>

<p>You can sign in for webinars to get info about Move-In to and Living in the Residence Halls. I believe these are conducted by the respective Hall Directors and if you participate in real time, there will be time for Q & A.</p>

<p>Today, Tuesday, 8/10/10 - Goddard and Founders
Tomorrow, Wednesday, 8/11/10 - Hayden and Weinstein
Thursday, 8/12/10 - Brittany and University Hall</p>

<p>If you missed any of these webinars (e.g., Monday, 8/9/10 -
Third North and Rubin), you can download the webinars from
the NYU University Life website after 8/16/10.</p>