Inspiration for my ESSAY! where?

<p>so i waited through summer...hoping something would hit its summer and I need to have essays and apps done by Nov 1st. and i need an essay topic! i need something quirky and true, but nothings hit me. where can i get some inspiration? how do i dig down in the depths of my soul?</p>

<p>whats worked for u?</p>

<p>advice? websites? things youve heard other people do?</p>

<p>for instance, my one friend wrote about learning to mow the lawn and tied it into some life lesson and future goals about politics. crazy right?! but what a great topic. i need somethin like that.....</p>

<p>help me! besides, i know im not the only one stuck. :-&lt;/p>


<p>if i were you i would write something that would be sure to stand out. as far as i know, definitely steer clear of the "i gained a new perspective from visiting a new country" or "i felt a sudden rush of accomplishment as i scored the winning basket" sort of thing. be original. think of something no one else will write about. it can be as insignificant as a trip to the mall, as long as it will let the admissions officers know you better as a person.</p>

<p>hope that helps.</p>

<p>i know that much ^^ im just struggling with HOW to come up with a crazy topic like that</p>

<p>Go to <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>it gives you a sample of a whole bunch of essays. I like the tomatoes and onion one the best.</p>

<p>I'm stuck too. </p>

<p>I was going to write about my trip to Vietnam.<br>
Anyone have any ideas of how i could tie different perspectives visiting as a 11 yr. old and a 17 yr. old. </p>

<p>but i have heard (just like mentioned above) that this topic is very common...</p>

<p>It's the only thing i can think of right now.</p>

<p>I go to Stanford (and was admitted to multiple Ivies), and my big essay was about how it felt to conduct the marching band during a competition. Maybe this sort of thing is "typical", like the "winning basket" topic, but it got me in. Be passionate and sincere. You don't have to write about something that no one else has written about to get in. Sure, it helps to "stand out" by writing about a unique topic, but you can also be unique and show your personality in the way that you write.</p>

<p>So... what do you like? What tickles your fancy? What experience have you had, large or small, that has made you a better person? Show who you are. That's the main idea.</p>