Institut le rosey

<p>Ok, basically i applied to rosey in december , i went to the interview in gstaad, did the maths and english exam.
When we realised it was mid march and still no word from them, my parents sent a someone who represents our family in different meetings to take an appointment with them and discuss what was their decision and negotiate for me to be assured a spot. Sure enough, also the meeting lasted a couple of hours, he came back pretty confident that i could get in for next year. Also, they gave him SO many EXTRA documents to send that weren't school related , such as, believe it or not, recommendations for "important people" we have close connections to and some former roseans. We agreed. They then added that if i wanted a spot for next year that is WAS MANDATORY FOR ME TO DO THE SUMMER CAMP!
im going into 10th grade btw.
I dont get it , is this normal ? i mean my cousin got it but nothing about mandatory summer camp .

<p>Dear Lalaland,
I am sorry that you were led to believe that and can definitively clarify the misunderstanding. We do not ask for recommendations from important people, only from your previous school. Your past headmaster, dean or tutor would have had to fill in this form for us to get a sense of how you were doing at school. No other recommendation is required. Some families may choose to ask close friends that are former Roseans to send us a recommendation, but many more candidates are admitted every year without.</p>

<p>Regarding the summer camps, it often is a good way to get a first feeling for Le Rosey and to decide whether you would like to attend the school or not; it also gives us a chance to get to know you better, but it is by no means mandatory. No decisions were ever made on the basis of a candidate having done a summer camp or not.</p>

<p>I hope this clarifies the situation. Feel free to contact anyone in the admission office should you have more questions.</p>

<p>Kind Regards,</p>

<p>The Admission Team.</p>

<p>@lalaland99 may get an email if you send a message to her inbox here (top right corner to send message). Otherwise she may not see if if she doesn’t check back on this thread. Also the way I tagged her name gives her a notification. </p>

<p>basically my friend told me about the her hole application process and i might have embellished the story to see what people’s responses would be. That’s all. </p>