International Books

<p>I know the ISBN, the cover, and perhaps the color might be off, but what about page numbers? For those who have bought international books, were the page numbers incorrect frequently? Was it a huge hassle? Or were the page numbers correct and you never had this problem?</p>

<p>Thanks alot!</p>

<p>Page numbers are the same.</p>

<p>When you buy the int'l editions, make sure you are getting the ones printed in color. </p>

<p>I hate the ones printed in black and white (bootleg versions), because they are printed on cheap paper. Also sometimes they will use the same edition, but an older reprint, which means mistakes are present. However they do provide an errata page that show where the mistakes are.</p>

<p>Yes, don't get the black and white. They make the book a little smaller (75% of size) so it's kind of hard to read. But the content is the same.</p>

<p>Beware of anything from China. Those are the cheap stuff.</p>

<p>The ones printed in black and white still have the same pages as the colored ones right? I think I bought one in black and white and they didn't tell me.</p>

<p>not all international editions are the same</p>

<p>I bought two books from Textbookrus, so I'll see how that pans out. Thanks for your replies.</p>

<p>Actually most of the black and white textbooks I have bought were printed in India.</p>

<p>Were the black and white textbooks hard to use? Any major differences?</p>

<p>They are like .. paperback reading books with just way more pages. Think of it that way.</p>

<p>I got my GE Cluster book from Taiwan... so far it seems good. It has a sign in the book that says "DO NO SELL IN THE U.S." but I bet students could care less.</p>

<p>haha....i wonder why you can't sell it in the US :confused:</p>

<p>Books came today. Seem to be good quality. My econ book is black and white though, but there arent any pictures, so I don't really care. Edges got fked up in delivery though :(</p>

<p>Black and white really sucks .. especially when there's a table that was originally in dark color .. makes the text hard to read.</p>

<p>Im not sure if its originally black and white, but there arent any tables with a background color, so everything appears to be readable.</p>

<p>I just received the absolute c++ textbook in black and white and people said the book is better off with color because of all the colorful annotations from the author. Can anyone else confirm this? Or am I off okay with just black and white with this book?</p>

<p>I might have received the same Absolute C++ book as you. There are words specifically in color (like bold terms) and they help draw out the important terms, so it sucks to have the black and white.</p>

<p>It's just going to be a little harder learning visually, but I think we'll be okay.
BTW, did you get this Chinese cover?</p>

<p>Yeah, mine has a chinese cover. The seller didn't tell me when he posted the information up. Now, I kinda want to buy another one that has bigger words. It's kinda hard to read the font in this book.</p>

<p>I think I have the same book as you then. The font is kind of small, it seems like they shrunk the size of the book.</p>

<p>And the seller didn't even say it was going to be like this. The book has a return address of China and the seller said they were shipping from Atlanta.</p>


<p>Yeah same here. The book seller said he lived in Florida but when I got my package it was from China. I don't know what to do now. I don't like this black and white kind.</p>