International Student - Chances?

<p>Hey, I'm an international student from Hong Kong studying under the British education system, just want some comments on what you think my chances are for getting into some colleges.</p>

<p>Chinese female, first language English, fluent in speaking chinese
Senior year student
GPA/Class Rank - doesn't exist in my school but for class rank I'm guessing top 10-15% at least?
SAT I - 1840, retaking in october
SATII - taking in november</p>

<p>GCSE grades -
Maths - A*
Geography - A*
Science - AA
Economics - A
French - A
English Literature - A
English Language - A
Design Tech - B</p>

<p>A Level grades [equivalent to higher level IB]
AS Economics - AAB, overall A
AS Chemistry - AAA, overall A
AS Psychology - AAA, overall A
A level Maths - AAABBD, overall A
I'm taking A level chemistry, economics, psychology and further maths this year, predicted A in chem, econ and psych, B in maths</p>

<p>EC's/Honors - [only listing major commitments of past 2 years]
- Amnesty International co-leader
- School Netball team
- Yearbook head of photography
- Film club
- House prefect
- School prefect
- Member of elected Student Union
- Average of around 2 hours community service per week as teachers assistant, helping out at elderly home or selling flags
- Sound&Lighting crew for assemblies, school plays & events</p>

<p>Planning to major in Economics
What do you think my chances are for the following schools?
Yale (EA)
NYU (Stern)
University of Michigan
University of Southern California</p>

<p>Your ECs aren't bad, but they aren't enough to make up for your SAT score. I don't think you have much of a chance at Yale/Harvard/Columbia.
Maybe if you really improve on the Oct SATs...</p>

<p>I am sorry to say this but you have no chance at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, or Northwestern since your SAT is too low. However you can get into Michigan and NYU, two very prestigious and amazing schools.</p>

<p>no chance</p>

<p>Maybe Mich and USC with another 150 plus SAT points.</p>

<p>Most Asian internationals have SATs above 2300 or at least 2200. It's very competitive. Besides, English is your first language. </p>

<p>If SAT is too hard, try ACT.</p>