International student trying to get into top colleges (chance me)

I'm a 12th grade Pakistani student, studying the local Pakistani curriculum. I have really good score here but I guess it doesn't matter much(not a commonly studied curriculum).
These are my credentials. Please chance me for top US colleges (Ivies or non-ivies)
SAT I: 2350
SAT II Bio: 800
Lit: 800
AP Bio: 5
(I know its stupid to consider that I'll get good scores before taking them but still…)
To be taken:
Math II
(hopefully 750+)
ACT:hopefully good(If not, I wont send the scores).</p>

1- Assistant secretary of Environment Protection Society.
2- I Led a campaign in which we planted 50'000 trees.
3- I Own and run a soup kitchen.
4- I am the Assistant Editor of The Ravi (Local english magazine).
5- I am the Assistant editor of the Gazette (school magazine)
6- I shadowed a maxillofacial surgeon for a month.
7- I did an internship at a local cancer research center.
8- I shadowed a neonatal surgeon for 2 weeks
9- I am an iOS developer(If that counts)
10-I Volunteered to help Polio and lead poisoning affected people in Nigeria.
11-I am a member of MENSA(If that counts)</p>

<p>Letters of recommendations (very detailed):
from English teacher.
from Biology teacher.
from Chief of UNICEF, Nigeria.</p>

<p>I plan to major in one of the biological sciences…maybe pre-med.
Tuition fees is not a problem so financial aid is not required.
And yes I know that my common app. essay and personal statements count as well.
Thanks in advance,

<p>Ives are a reach... (for anyone) somebody on CC wrote clam fart on their yale app... and they got in lol. </p>

<p>Narrow it down to where you want to go. Do you want to be amidst the glamor of a big city or in a small town. Do you want to go to a big college or small one? Private or public? Once you do that you can then pick and choose because your credentials are exceptional.</p>

<p>Sub-urban or urban city.
Big college.
And I'd like lots of research opportunities where I go.</p>

<p>Bump. . . . . . .</p>