I do not know what types of jobs/internships that I should look for. I want to major in Environmental Engineering and I think doing something environmental would help me. I am thinking about getting a job at a nursery, planting and selling plants. Is this a good job for this type of major? If not what other jobs look good? Also, I am a sophomore in High School and I want a job showing colleges my passion for the environment.

Any kind of job you can get in HS is a good job. I think working at a nursery is a great idea.

Do you think it will be a good job for something interested in Environmental Engineering @momofsenior1 ?

Any job (even flipping burgers at a fast food place) would be considered a valuable use of time. If you have an opportunity to work in a nursery and feel you would enjoy it then go for it.

So I would think getting a summer job in a park district, recycling plant, etc, would be closer to what you want to do. Parks are always looking for high school help. Volunteer in cleaning a river by you. Many parks have program like these . Just look up one by you and see what jobs they have. Since this type of engineering can be related to civil… Check out…

This is a school year program but goes into a lot of different types of engineering. Look it up in your area. This looks great on a resume and gives you something for engineering and how different types of engineering Profesional work together. My son did it in his junior year and loved it.

Doing some work on farm if one is close to you.

Just trying to find things more aligned to what you want to pursue.

I’m thinking on also doing some volunteer work at a park or at a local environmental center? What do u think @Knowsstuff

Perfect. Pick what you enjoy. Both are great choices.

I am also thinking about being a math and science tutor on weekends, what do you guys think?

That’s awesome. Shows leadership and being a tutor shows skill. Nice

@domt73 it’s great that you are already thinking of these things while still in high school. You are already above most others. Colleges look for your academic and extracurricular activity. Almost like applying for a job, they want to see that you are developing skills for yourself that are relevant to them. Besides grades at school, they love to see that you are passionate about what you are studying/ want to study and if you find any opportunities to show that you want to learn more outside of school that is a plus. They also want to see that you have great soft skills like leadership, teamwork, organization, hard work ethics and many positions may give you the opportunity to flex those skills.

Although I am no longer in high school, I gathered some resources relating to internships and resumes that may be helpful for you too!

I know it ain’t on this thread, but, it is fine if all y’all look at my course selection? It also has a projected list of senior year courses also.

I’m thinking on contacting graduates in my area in schools I’m interested in to find out more about the school (any school). What do you guys think?

I’m looking for a job currently, I will work at my nursery on Sundays and I want to work as a landscaper for 5 days, then volunteer at my local park. If I become a landscaper, I would have this schedule. What do you guys think? I want to try to align my activities with my passion for Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science or Studies.


Anything is better than sitting around all summer. you’d be surprised the skills you’d learn even as a camp counselor

It might be hard to find summer jobs now…but not impossible. Will the nursery give you more days for the summer? Will they help you find work helping a landscaper? Have you contacted the park yet to volunteer?

As noted above, any job you get while in HS Is going to be valuable.

@twogirls I asked my old science teacher if I can start a project to plant Wildflowers and she said yes. I’m thinking about making this a project and ask other people if they want to join.