is a composite ACT score of 24....(florida residents come inside!!!)

<p>good enough to get me into a school like UCF(university of central Florida)? i thought of taking it again to get like a 26 but i want to apply as soon as they start taking applications because they have rolling admissions.</p>

<p>btw my gpa is 3.5 (according to the way colleges weigh it)</p>

<p>To begin with, UCF and the similar school USF are both going to weigh ur grade point averages. they will also recalculate your grades taking out a ton of courses such as electives and any sports course.</p>

<p>I was able to find a chart that USF uses that pretty much tells you wether u are admitted or not. sort of like a guaranteed admissions chart. </p>

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<p>UCF and USF are very similar in admissions so I expect similar expectations at UCF as those at USF. </p>

<p>U have a great chance of getting in. BTW u might wanna aim a little higher.</p>

<p>Try the three nationally ranked schools: UF, FSU and UM.</p>

<p>out of those:
UF: Reach
UM: low Reach if u raise ur SAT/ACT scores a bit
FSU: Match and Match/safety if u raise ur SAT/ACT scores. </p>

<p>UF and UM, although reaches are very reasonable and possible reaches. especially UM, since its private it looks at everything (essays, grades, EC's, etc...). Apply to those three just for the heck of it cause they are the bigger more nationally well known schools in Florida.</p>

<p>i think i can get into FSU with a 24(their 50% is 23-27).i can apply at the earliest and have their decision by nov. 28 or i can retake it, most likely get a 26 which will technically improve my chances, but by the time ACT sends the scores it will be during the time when the majority of kids apply and i wont really stand out.what do u think?</p>

<p>FSU is a bit harder than UCF just cause its more in demand. After all its ranked slightly higher.
Still, as long as you apply before christmas holidays u should be fine.
FSU is NOT rolling admissions. Applying during December is still fine.
Also FSU has many slots open so applying during December should def not be a problem.</p>

<p>I applied to several Florida schools cause im from there. Had no problem at any except USF which was weird cause it was my safety. Anyways ill be headed to UM this fall.
At UCF and USF u should apply early not because its harder than FSU, UF, UM but because they do fill up their rosters extremely fast.
If u apply to either FSU, UM or UF you can take more time to pep up ur apps. </p>

<p>what florida schools are u going to apply? are u only considering florida?
if ur not a Florida resident in that case ur chances would be hurt. especially at UCF and USF.</p>

<p>UCF is pretty easy to get into, I think you'll get in pretty easily.</p>

<p>yes im a florida safety school is FIU :)</p>

<p>and if all else fails,if nukes were to hit every school i'm applying to (FSU,UCF,USF,FIU,UM) I'd go to Miami dade college.</p>

<p>haha well I doubt that will happen. Id also suggest UF. its similar to UM in difficulty and academics (mayby even a lil better) but a heck of a lot cheaper.</p>

<p>anyways here are my final chances for u:</p>

<li>FIU: safety</li>
<li>USF: Safety</li>
<li>UCF: Match/safety</li>
<li>FSU: match/safety</li>
<li>UM: Low Reach</li>
<li>UF: Low Reach if u decide to apply.</li>

<p>I think you'll be fine. Good luck! And, being from Gainesville, I recommend trying for UF, though it would be a reach. FSU and UCF are both great though, and I definitely think you'll get in.</p>