Is Amherst much more well-regarded than Wesleyan?

<p>I'm deciding between the two, and I'm trying to ignore rankings.</p>

<p>Prospective Major: Math.</p>

<p>If you are ignoring the rankings, well, that is a big part of the ‘well regarded’ idea. </p>

<p>But here are some questions to think about: What do you think about the course offerings in Math at each college? When you review the profiles of the math professors online, how does their research and background look to you? Did you actually meet and talk to any math professors or math majors at either school (if not, you at least have time to have an email conversation this next week)? Have you asked math professors and the career/placement office where math majors have gone on to work or grad school for the past few years?</p>

<p>And then the general feeling of the schools. Assuming you have visited both, what did you think about the feelings/vibe of both schools? I personally think they have quite different “personalities”, what did you think about that when you visited?</p>

<p>Finally, what is the cost picture for each of them?</p>

<p>While philosophically ignoring the rankings is a nice idea it ignores the implications of attending a university with regard to key benefits such as the quality of training (which frankly at the Amherst vs. Wesleyan level will not be dramatically different) and graduate school/job placement. Amherst (along with Swarthmore and Williams) are considered the gold standard with regard to LACs. Their graduates are arguably viewed at the same level as the premier research university graduates when it comes to the most sophisticated graduate schools and employers (i-banks and strategic consulting firms). </p>

<p>The link below, while amusing and to be taken with a grain of salt, does open ones eyes to perceptual realities. </p>

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<p>We looked at both for DS11, both great school, if you leave out financials since I expect both are similar, I got a very strong feeling Wes had the better math/Sci programs and certainly more funding from govt sources for research, my son majors in CS/Math but Wes was definitely stronger on Math, Amherst seemed stronger on the humanities to me, both will provide great grad opps, but again I think Wes has the edge here, ignoring rankings is fine, but I think you’ll find Wes would support you in your endeavours better.</p>