is anyone majoring in philosophy ?/ How is uclas philosophy department?

<p>same as title really... what do you think of the phil department, how is it overall, difficulty level, etc etc etc.</p>

<p>icarus may be able to respond</p>

<p>Hey Malishka,</p>

<p>I personally really enjoy majoring in philosophy. We have a very good department at UCLA (since this is CC, I should note that we are consistently ranked in the top 10 philosophy programs nationally - currently number 6). A lot of that is due to the faculty, many of whom are extremely well known contemporary philosophers (Tyler Burge, David Kaplan, etc.)</p>

<p>As for difficultly, philosophy classes can range from very easy (usually the lower division GE classes) to ridiculously hard upper divs where you spend the entire 10 week class discussing one page of a philosopher's work. Several TAs have made it known at the beginning of classes that the average grade on papers (which are our primary method of assessment in philosophy) that they shoot for is a B/B- which I have found to be true. </p>

<p>UCLA's department is much more analytical than most, meaning that classes focus on teaching and analyzing currently existing philosophers and their theories rather than creating your own theories and such.</p>

<p>well that sucks.... i guess ill minor in it then... b/b- is not that graet.</p>