Is is common or rare to get into both UCLA and UC Berkeley?

<p>I just got accepted to UCLA (yay!), but I want to go to UC Berkeley. Berkeley posts their decisions online this Thursday. I'm worried that I won't get admitted into Berkeley...some people have told me that people usually get into UCLA or UC Berkeley and not necessarily it true? How common or rare is it to be admitted into both schools?</p>

<p>Untrue. While getting into one is not a surefire sign of getting into the other, there is nothing that says you can't get into both. Berkeley's admission decisions are completely independent of UCLA's decisions.</p>

<p>^i agree. i had heard that you can't get into both, but i was invited for regents at B (so i was admitted there first) and i also got into LA, so it is definitely not true that a person can't get into both. however, i dunno exactly how common it really is to get into both. honestly, everything seems unpredictable this year, i'm just throwing all the info from previous years out the window</p>

<p>its false. my brother got into both, and a few of the kids who got into LA at my school got regents at Cal. They don't coordinate with each other, no worries =]</p>

<p>I would think it would be common.</p>

<p>man i would love to get into berkeley. but I am born with the curse of living out of california and attending an impossible private school, where having over 3.9 is almost unheard of.</p>

<p>i do not think it rare nor common. It could just very well happen.</p>