Is it better to transfer for spring or fall semester at Wellesley in my case?

<p>I am a freshman at DePaul University in the honors program. I am really not liking it here. I understand it has only been a month, yet I feel very very strongly towards transferring out after this year, and I am definitely not the only one. First of all, I feel very isolated here at this college. People here are not that friendly, and the majority of students are partiers. This is not exactly my thing. I have made some good friends here, but the social life is not what I'm looking for in a college. I also feel that the intellectual levels of the students here are too spread out. I am looking for a college that chooses its students for the person they are, and the character they have, and I dont feel that DePaul does this. I would prefer to also go back to the east coast, because I am missing it too much. I am at this university mainly because I had many issues at home that I had to deal with in high school, and I had graduated with around a 3.2 or 3.3 GPA (1 AP, 18 honors classes). I am also biracial (half African American, and half white). So basically I came to Chicago (I am originally from Boston), because I needed to get away from my home life that was suppressing my ability to achieve an adequate academic performance. I have noticed that being away from home has definitely allowed me to showcase my academic abilities and increase my motivation. Which is another reason that I would really like to transfer. I have great grades in all my classes here at DePaul (straight As), and will continue to get a 4.0 for the rest of this year.</p>

<p>I also want to note that I did apply to Wellesley last year as a high school senior, and I applied EE, and got an unlikely. Then I just got rejected. So is it not a good idea to try again? Or is it, now that I am proving myself?</p>

<p>I find my classes here to be very very easy and not challenging at all. I have classes only twice a week, and my workload is like a half an hour if that for homework. So basically I only have like an hour a week of homework if that. I feel like this school is such a waste of money. I understand that it has only been a month, however that is not just the case. The classes in general here at just very easy. My high school back in Massachusetts was more difficult than it is here at DePaul, and they baby us far too much at this university in our classes.</p>

<p>I am such a changed person from high school, and I feel so motivated and DePaul does not seem to satisfy my needs academically.</p>

<p>My current courses:</p>

<p>Honors Explore Chicago Social Reform (required course)</p>

<p>Honors World Literature (Required Course for the honors program)</p>

<p>Beginning Arabic 101 </p>

<p>LSP 120 (quantitative reasoning and computer literacy) (I was supposed to be in Honors 180, data analysis and statistics, and I placed out of LSP 120, however they said that they made a mistake and have put me in this LSP 120 class by accident, and by now it is too late to switch out)</p>

<p>Another big reason that I would like to transfer is that I am a poly sci major, however I really wish I could be an international relations major but DePaul does not offer this as a major. I hope to go into a career in international law. Wellesley clearly has a strong politcal science program/IR program. As well as the Albright Institute of Global Affairs. </p>

<p>In terms of extracurricular activities, I started a chapter of an organization here at DePaul that I was president of in high school for two years and that I also have two national positions with.(one of the positions is being the national fundraising coordinator for the organization, and the other position is a regional organizer in charge of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Illinois and all the high school and college chapters of the organization in these states such as at Northwestern, Swarthmore, Yale, ect. I get flown into DC a few times a year to attend global anti genocide summits and lobby events on congress) This organization relates a lot to the career I want to have in international law. My ACT is very low at a 26, (32 reading, 27 writing, and 23 math and science). I can definitely retake this for a higher score. (For this ACT test anyway I was not even trying my hardest. I kind of lost focus and motivation after the second section)</p>

<p>My point is that I hope Wellesley can see that I have changed, by the time they look at my application in March or even if they look at it in November. What do you think? Is it a better idea to wait until March to send my application, or should I send it in asap. Also is it a good idea for me to do an interview?</p>

<p>*Also I do want to mention the national postitions I have with the organization I have talked about above, is a big deal and also includes me in on conference calls with white house staffers. (I just got the Regional Organizer position in July, and the Fundraising coordinator position in September) Having these positions on the national level, has definitely helped improve my work ethic from high school.</p>

<p>Going from Depaul to Wellesley is a giant academic jump so simply transferring will be difficult. Your high school record is not particularly strong, a 3.3 and 26 and you were rejected as a high school senior. Typically, sophomore transfers are borderline rejects or students who would have gotten in anyways. So in your case, you will probably not get in. It would probably be better for you to try for the winter semester so you have a whole year of freshman grades, hopefully a 4.0 to truly demonstrate how much you have changed since high school. Your reasons for transferring are very good so that won’t be an issue. From the looks of it, you ECs are also pretty good and complement your academic interests well. So basically, if you can show that you are strong academically, you should have a legitimate shot at transferring. I don’t know any specifics for Wellesley other than the fact it is one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country but I do know a bit more about similar academic schools like Amherst and Swarthmore so I am basing my assessment of your chances at Wellesley off of those schools and my general knowledge of transferring.</p>