Is it possible for me to get into any bs/md or ba/md programs at all?

<p>High school Junior Projected grades by the end of the year:
ACT: 32
Unweighted GPA: 3.5
College courses: AP statistics, AP physics, AP chemistry, AP literature, I plan on taking AP Bio, AP calc, and AP earth science senior year also I took a college engineering class and SUPA Chem
EC's: Varsity soccer 2 years, Varsity winter track 2 years, Varsity tennis 1 year, varsity spring track 1 year. Italian club, Animal club, Math team Boy scouts; I used to be interested in aerospace engineering and took a program at RPI for a week and I am also going to attend some sort of high school medical related program
Volunteer 300+ hours at a multitude of places including hospital</p>