Is it possible to finish college in less than 4 years?

Ok lets say I go to Ohio state and during the summer when i come home to virginia will it be possible for me to take classes at a local community college and have them transfered to ohio state for when i go back for the next school year?

<p>Check with the college about transferring credits, but yeah, it's definitely possible. Many people do it without taking summer school. AP credit and college classes during high school help a lot.</p>

<p>Graduating early is a bit tougher if you don't start with a lot of AP or college credit. Ohio State has a quarter system, so you'd have to earn 3 quarters of credit to graduate a year early. Suppose you take classes during the summers after your first and second year. The remaining quarter could be spread out over the 3 regular school years, or it could be taken the summer before your first year. However, this leaves no summers free for internships (for finding a job after graduation) or research (if you plan to go to grad school). Also, you'd have to be careful not to take too many general education courses at OSU, because those are likely the only ones you'd be able to transfer from a community college during the summer. Finishing college in less than 4 years is definitely possible, but it takes careful planning.</p>

<p>Why go home early???LOL</p>

<p>My parents have been that if I go to an expensive private college, then I have to use all my AP credit and College credit to graduate a year early. It kinda sucks that I can't stay longer, but o well. If I go to my state U., I can stay all 4 years, tuition is free, and I can take lighter course loads or add on an extra major. </p>

<p>You can definetely graduate early, and my sis has taken CC classes over the summer while enrolled somewhere else.</p>

<p>How well do AP's really count for credit? I have nine of them, but I have heard that the colleges won't really give you anything useful for them.</p>

<p>different colleges have different AP policies, but generally, if you score 4 or 5 on AP test you'll get credit, and 9 APs can easily amount to a full year of credits.</p>

<p>At OSU it's possible, but without a lot of AP credit, it's very difficult becuase of the quarter system. I assume most public universities at OSU's level operate on the semester system, as all state schools here in Ohio do. It would be helpful to call the school and find out whether or not your plan is feasible. Best of luck.</p>

<p>Not all colleges treat AP scores the same. Some just use a score of 4 or 5 for advanced standing in that subject. Others actually give you the credits as if you took that course in college. In some cases (especially for Calc AB and BC it seems) require that you take the next level of the course and pass it before they give you the credits for the previous course. Check with the individual schools for their policies.</p>

<p>Hmmm... a friend of mine graduated high school in three years, then this past year graduated from undergrad in three years and is now in med school on a full scholarship... I just envy her! I can be done, but it depends on your major and the number of credits you bring to college with you.</p>