Is It Possible

<p>is it possible to ( to major at Stern) and minor at something at Tisch or does it not work like that. Is Tisch a (majors only) school. B/c i’m thinking about acting</p>

<p>I'm a prospective Tisch student, so don't take my word as fact. But from my extensive research of the program, I don't think it would be plausible to minor in something at Tisch while majoring in a different school. Because Tisch gives its students pre-proffessional, conservatory training, The Acting program is so intense that it would probably interfere with your work at Stern. However, I'm sure you could try to work something out, NYU is so great because of its fexibility!</p>

<p>It is not possible. Sorry for the bad news. To my understanding, you can take maybe one class in Tisch, but there is no way to major in another school and minor in Tisch. However, you can major in something in Tisch AND major in something in the College of Arts and Sciences. </p>

<p>At NYU, you only apply to one of the half dozen or so schools, and cannot apply to more than one. So, you would have to choose Stern or Tisch or CAS or Gallatin etc.</p>

<p>well...i can actually take up to 20 credits at Tisch...soit's more than just a class...i dont necessarily need a degree...double major at stern schould be enough</p>

<p>thanks again for the input</p>


<p>i would check with nyu because when I was there, they stated that it was nearly impossible to even minor in stern and something in tisch.</p>