Is it to late to BEG for a last minute

<p>I have an open weekend and I was wondering if a college would allow me to speak to the dean or something</p>

<p>I have a question, how qualified were you for the school? If you were in the 25th percentile of scores or had a low GPA, then you have a shot, but there are some things which will never happen. </p>

<p>Ex: Me begging Caltech to let me, even though I only got a 2010 (710 on math, lol) on my SAT. It's sad, but that is an impossibility. Caltech is mostly score based. </p>

<p>If this is your case, then you may have to give up and settle somewhere else. I don't think speaking to the Dean may help you a lot. No offence. I have never heard of something like this working, but you could try.</p>

<p>Were you rejected or waitlisted?
I imagine that talking to the dean may help if you were waitlisted at a college that's trying to boost it's yield and that highly values demonstrated interest.</p>

<p>It's not going to help you at a numbers-oriented place like CalTech or at a place like Harvard, puts hundreds of people on a waitlist, and knows that virtually anyone on that list who's offered admission will take it.</p>