Is it worth appealing?

<p>I didn't get in, but a circumstance has arose since I sent my application. My mom's job has moved to memphis, and beginning in June she will commute there. Spending 5 days away every week. My dad commutes to his job which is in Irvine. My brother, who is 9, will need someone to take care of him. He has ADD and needs someone around him to concentrate.<br>
Do you think this is a valid reason to appeal?</p>

<p>4.0 UC GPA
2080 SAT
800 US HIS
750 Math 2
Ap Us-5
Ap calc ab-4</p>

<p>Now taking
Ap calc bc
Ap english
Ap spanish
Ap art history
Ap gove/econ
latin 5-6</p>

<p>Have directed 5 short films for class, and outside of class. Have a job as a video editor, which I have held for 1.5 years.
One of my documentaries was selected for the LA film festival. H
ad an internship at raleigh studios, and worked on a will smith music video. Have been nominated for school's visual performing arts award
Done 150 hours of religious community service
president of 2 clubs, for 3 years
Student of the month
National latin Exam level 1 and 2-gold medal</p>

<p>Wrote my essays about how much film means to me, religious community participation, and how I always eat dinner with the village worker whenever I travel to india.
CA resident
classics major</p>

<p>If this information wasn't in your application, then it's certainly "new and appealing' information. Couldn't hurt to try.</p>

<p>Hmmm... well... I dont know how appealing works. Maybe the admissions office will have some heart if you tell them about your new living situation... but... there are thousands of kids who appeal... you have to do SOMETHING to make yourself stand out of those thousands... i think a personal visit to the campus or meeting with admissions director will get you farther than just a letter...</p>

<p>Well, I guess you could try appealing. However, being accepted through an appeal is like a 1 in a million chances. Like I believe you do have valid reasons, but make sure you state how it affects you and your life. It seems like it's going to affect your brother's more than yours. However, your brother will then be able to write about it in his personal statement when he gets older haha.</p>