Is it worth taking another year???

<p>I've been thinking and thinking againn....
whether to take another year of language.</p>

<p>I already took French 1,2,3.
1 in 8th grade(middle school) and 2 in 9th and 3 in 10th respectively</p>

<p>I already know Korean (prob rate myself level 8 1/2 out of level 10)</p>

<p>I know lots of people have been asking the same question, but nothing specific of what I was looking for.</p>

<p>Some college require 2 and some don't even care, but only have recommendations.
Is it worth taking a 4th year of French???</p>

<p>(Not a real fan of French and I suck it at .. BADLY!!) (I want to really attend NYU or some other great schools) To add on, I'd rather take other AP classes instead.</p>

<p>I want to become a dentist so prob be majoring in biology.</p>

<p>I dropped a fourth year of Spanish for AP Statistics (maybe not the best choice but I'm going to be a math major so I figured it would be semi-okay). As long as you meet the requirements for languages (if they have any) and don't use that extra space as a study hall, I'd imagine that colleges would be okay with it. :) And you already know Korean, so it isn't like you only know one language.</p>

<p>I want to go for NYU and Cornell. NYU only requires 2. Cornell requires none, but both recommends 3. Just wanted to ask if it would affect a lot.</p>