Is my schedule good for U-Penn?

<p>I am a sophomore and I want to go to U-Penn. I need help on deciding if they could tell if I challenged myself enough. I will be in the IB Program next year, and my high school is the best school in the state of Nebraska.
-My ambition is to go to medical school.</p>

<p>Freshmen Year (I got all 1's) :
1. Biology (mandatory)
2. American History (mandatory)
3. Honors English 9
4. Honors German 2
5. Algebra 2
6. Drama (Theater Arts) (mandatory)
7. P.E.</p>

<p>Sophomore (I have all 1's):
1. Intro to IB Chemistry and IB Physics
2. Precalculus
3. P.E.
4. Honors English 10
5. Honors German III
6. World Geography
7. Latin I</p>

<p>Junior Year (Is this good?)
1. AP Calc AB
2. IB Physics HL
3. IB Chemistry HL
4. IB English HL
5. IB 20th Century World History SL
6. IB Theory of Knowledge (1 semester)
7. Weight Training (Second semester)
8. Honors German IV</p>

<p>Senior Year:
1. IB Physics, IB Chemistry, and IB English HL
2. IB Math SL
3. AP European History
4. IB Theory of Knowledge (First semester)
5. US Government (Second semester of my senior year)
6. IB German SL</p>

<p>Will U-Penn and other Ivy schools consider this schedule as challenging? I already fulfill extracurricular activities.</p>