Is there anyone who is rejected by UWS but accepted by Umich

<p>Just wondering...I really really want to get accepted by Umich but I recently got a rejection from University of Wisconsin Madison and an acceptance letter from UIUC. Since Umich is better than Wisconsin Madison, I just wonder if there is any chance that I would be accpeted?</p>

<p>of course there is. theres always a chance. just wait</p>

<p>U Mich's acceptance rate is up around 50% this year while Wisconsin's may be lower (they haven't issued numbers yet) so you have a chance.</p>

<p>If you're from Michigan it's probably easier to get into Michigan than Wisconsin.</p>

<p>This sort of situation happened to me last year actually. I got deferred from UW in the beginning of December but got into U of M a week later, and I'm out of state for both schools.</p>

<p>Madison is really stingy about out of staters. Being from Minnesota I have a ton of kids who apply to UW and about 45% get in and they are all good students.</p>