Is this going to kill me? (Duke, Penn, Vandy etc)

<p>I am a junior at a public school in Virginia and recently got my first C. I'm so worried that all my hard work isn't going to pay off now. Here are my stats, please chance me for: Duke (ED), Vanderbilt, Penn, UVA, UCLA, Emory, Michigan, Wake Forest, U of Florida, Lehigh, Northwestern, UW-Madison, UNC-Chapel Hill</p>

<p>UW GPA: 3.8 Weighted 5.3
Class rank 5/650
By the end of senior year, I'll have taken 16 AP Classes, I've received A's in every class, every semester besides a B in Freshman AP Bio and [here's the killer] a C+ 1 semester of Pre Calculus (related to a disease I have, I couldn't finish my final and ended up getting an F on it due to my illness)
SAT I 1420/2190
SATII US History 780 Math IIC 750
ACT 34
i would NOT major in anything math or science related</p>

<p>I don't want to list all of my EC's because I want to keep my identity hidden, but I've been Class President for all 4 years (MAIN ACTIVITY, raised over 15,000 dollars for low-class kids in our grade), play and am captain of Varsity Soccer (district and regional champions), and Varsity Tennis. I'm involved in a few honor socities, have officer positions in 2, and am VERY active in Key Club (do a lot of community service), which I am VP of. I represent the student body on a student board.</p>

<p>Many awards, school, regional and county-wide. Selected for a FREE national social studies conference thing which I attended. I've held 2 different jobs before, I'm a white male and come from a lower class (<40,000) family.</p>

<p>please help me guys, i'm very worried that all these years of busting my a** will be put to waste because of my sickness causing the C. and is there any way to let the adcoms know that i got the C because of that, without sounding like a complainer.</p>

<p>"for low-class kids in our grade"</p>

<p>Low-class? Sorry Marie Antoinette, but we live in America circa 2010...</p>

<p>What concerns me isn't your C but the fact that your teacher didn't allow you to make it up (as it wasn't taken for medical reasons). Have you contacted your teacher or principal to let them know why you weren't able to take the final? </p>

<p>Maybe our high schools are different but I'm 99% sure that at my old one if you had an absence due to medical reasons the teacher(s) had to a) not count it against you and b) allow you to make up anything missed (including finals). </p>

<p>Again, I would ask the necessary people if you can make up the final.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure low-class is talking about LOW class, middle class, etc... Also know as low-income ;)</p>

<p>First of all, calm down wahoomb I meant lower-class I'm not offending people, I'm PART OF THAT GROUP.</p>

<p>and Mathewlr, I came to take the final but got sick during it and couldn't finish the test and no I can't make it up.</p>

<p>To actually answer the question, I don't think having one C is going to hurt you much. You have a good GPA, rank, and test scores and your ECs seem great.</p>

<p>You may be able to mention it on the applications, sometimes there is a section where you can mention any additional info you want them to know. Also, if you interview at any of those schools you could bring it up then.</p>

<p>I think you've got a great shot at getting into a lot of these schools. Your application seems pretty well rounded to me, and I don't think 1 C is that big of a deal. Don't be so hard on yourself! :)</p>

<p>I hope you're joking.</p>

<p>im not. im usually not one of the people on here freaking out but all i see these days are people with straight A's, perfect scores etc. getting rejected so it worries me that I got a C.</p>