Is this rude?

<p>Back in November I had an interview with the Associate Dean of Colgate University. I told him about my interest in writing and gave him two creative writing short stories. He told me if I applied (which I will) he would include these in my file. I'm afraid that because so much time has passed he will forget. I definitely want my creative writing pieces in my file! Is it rude if I email him and ask him if he still has them? Or should I just do nothing and hope for the best?</p>

<p>I would assume that a file was opened for you with the submission of the first items. Is the rest of your application complete at this point?</p>

<p>^ No, I haven't even submitted the Common App. The deadline is January 1st.</p>

<p>BUMP! Sorry guys :P</p>

<p>There's absolutely no harm in reminding him. Busy people sometimes forget. They rarely are upset, and they are often thankful to receive well meaning and courteous reminder.</p>

<p>Inform him that you've formally applied, and couch the reminder with an expression of strong interest in Colgate, and possibly an update on your writing activities.</p>

<p>^But should I just ask him...Do you still have it or do you want me to send it again (obviously I would write in a more formal way...)?</p>

<p>Yeah I think reminding him politely is fine. There's no need to be super formal I don't think but make sure to be friendly.</p>

<p>Why not just send them in with your application materials? It won't be a problem if the dean already included them. And if he did not, which is possible, you are assured they will be included.</p>

<p>Perhaps add a note: "Dean So-and So suggested I submit these stories as an arts supplement. If his copies are already in my file, please ignore these." Or some variation.</p>

<p>Fauve's approach makes sense.<br>
I think it would be strange to follow up on the submission of the stories if your application is still not submitted.</p>

<p>Agree with fauve.</p>

<p>I agree with the above. Make a polite/friendly reminder e-mail. You could also send this e-mail at the same time as you submit your common app and say that you just submitted and want to know if he still has your creative writing pieces. Then say you're excited about the possibility of attending Colgate... etc.</p>