ISIS Fin Aid Error

<p>Can someone check their ISIS and tell me if the Fin Aid is correct. I checked before and it was fine but checked today and it says that the Cost of Attendance = $1,820.00 (Notice that is is missing a place value) thus giving me an overmet need f $9,999.00 </p>

<p>I know this isn't correct but I am curious if I am the only one.</p>

<p>Just wanted to let you know that I am having the same issue as well. I attempted to contact a Financial Aid advisor and see what's going on. When I checked two days ago there was no information to display. They could still be processing our information. How long ago were you accepted?</p>

<p>Same issue with me too.</p>

<p>I have the same issue.</p>

<p>Same here too</p>

<p>I just checked ISIS again. My problem was fixed.</p>

<p>My cost of attendance from 8/23/2011 to 5/ 2/2012 is $ 19,820.00 </p>

<p>Does each student have different COA?</p>

<p>Mine was fixed overnight. My COA went from the erroneous $1,900 to about $19,000+. I think my numbers are a little different because I indicated that I would be living off campus.</p>

<p>wouldnt it be cheaper to live off campus?</p>