it's a mystery to me

<p>when colleges say have all your stuff in by a certain deadline (jan. 2 for example) and yet they say if you dont have everything in by february they send you a notice in the mail saying what you have missing. are they giving you a second chance? do they still evaluate your application and give you an admission decision on time? cuz i already submitted everything to duke, but they say my transcript and counselor and teacher recs are missing which were sent to duke in october so i'm freaking out because i cant contact my teachers or counselor over winter break and the deadline is in about a week. would they just be taking a while to match my app and scores up with the other stuff. if i send the stuff in after i get back to school, will they still evaluate my app?</p>

<p>Your part of the application needs to be in by the deadline (the forms, essays, fees, etc.) They're more flexible about other things that are beyond your control (e.g. Teacher recs, transcripts, etc.) Just get those in as quickly as you can.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>CDN is right, my teacher's recommendation to Rice was lost so they emailed me and told me to fax it to them. I did and everything was okay.</p>