it's all us: Rising Seniors '06, aka future class of 2010!

<p>isn't it weird that we are officially the class vying for admissions come fall and winter??</p>

<p>are there any of you confident enough to know whether you'll do an early decision?? and where? personally i can't decide if it would be too binding for me, but i'm also not done looking yet (mostly LACs. and it would be between vassar and wesleyan).</p>

<p>anyway, cheers to the next generation and the class of '05/'09 who are finally done.</p>

<p>I'm applying Early Action to UNC-Chapel Hill and Stanford</p>

<p>It is weird. I've been here since 8th grade, so it's weird that it is finally MY time. lol. I'm not doing ED/EA anywhere. I've decided since I'm more likely than the avg. cc'er to get rejected, I'd rather at least help myself out a little and wait a bit longer and show them my grades, and just boost myself up more than I could ED/EA. I'm also the world's most indecisive person, so I don't know if being locked into something would be a good idea haha.</p>

<p>bama you can't do that.
Stanford is SCEA so you can't apply to UNC chapel hill</p>

<p>ED at a new yorker :( only time of my life when i hate being from NY ahaha</p>

<p>ED at UVA and I'm also from NY! Good luck Doogie. :)</p>

<p>I'm not applying ED/EA anywhere because it would be as an international (yay Canada!) and I just am not that decided. I'm going to apply to HYPS/Oxbridge just to see because I know I have a decent chance. Whatever happens doesn't really matter though because I know I can get into anywhere I want in Canada... you're pretty much guaranteed into any arts/social sciences faculty with a 90%+ average... and I'm into poli sci so it all works (and McGill would be wicked - I love Montreal so much!).</p>

<p>Anyways, good luck to all of you come fall :)</p>

<p>yale ea for me! will my october sat i retake be ready in time?</p>

<p>yep, believe so</p>

<p>ED to NYU (tisch) for me! I can't believe we're finally applying!</p>

<p>I can't believe it either. Most apps are online in July and I can't wait long enough for it.</p>

<p>i know its so werid!!!</p>

<p>im applying ed to nyu</p>

<p>pepgirly14, which school at NYU are you applying to? I'm applying ED to Tisch</p>

<p>dotn even know wher im applying to</p>

<p>I'm doing EA at MIT...I'll take SATs last chance to boost 700 verbal in november...otherwise my 800s in sat math and math IIC and physics will be fine. I gotta take bio in october.</p>

<p>ED Bowdoin I think.</p>

<p>"Stanford is SCEA so you can't apply to UNC chapel hill"</p>

<p>Actually you can, they make exceptions for public schools with EA.</p>

<p>I already applied and was accepted to one of my safeties, University of Northern Colorado. I still have to audition for my major (musical theatre). </p>

<p>In the fall, I'm applying early admission to Emerson College, CSU Fullerton, Hartford (College? the one with Hartt School of Music), and possibly UC Irvine. My number one choice is Wagner College, but they only have early decision, and I don't think I want to do that. </p>

<p>It's so weird to think I'm going to be a senior!</p>

<p>ED to Emory :)</p>

<p>little- im applying to steinhardt and doing communications</p>