<p>I'm bored...and hung up over the college admissions process.
Just as a curiosity factor, let's assume that the Ivy League is not "just" a sports league, but a collection of schools that are tops in the nation. </p>

<p>IMHO, this is my list of colleges, listed by state:</p>

<p>California "Ivies":
California Institute of Technology
Pomona College
Stanford University
University of California - Berkeley
University of California - Los Angeles</p>

<p>Connecticut "Ivies":
Wesleyan University
Yale University</p>

<p>Georgia "Ivies":
Georgia Institute of Technology</p>

<p>Illinois "Ivies":
Northwestern University
University of Chicago
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign</p>

<p>Maine "Ivies":
Bowdoin College</p>

<p>Massachusetts "Ivies":
Amherst College
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wellesley College
Williams College</p>

<p>Michigan "Ivies":
University of Michigan</p>

<p>Minnesota "Ivies":
Carleton College</p>

<p>New Hampshire "Ivies":
Dartmouth College</p>

<p>New Jersey "Ivies":
Princeton University</p>

<p>New York "Ivies":
Barnard College
Columbia College
Cornell University</p>

<p>North Carolina "Ivies":
Duke University
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill</p>

<p>Pennsylvania "Ivies":
Bryn Mawr College
Haverford College
Swarthmore College
University of Pennsylvania</p>

<p>Rhode Island "Ivies":
Brown University</p>

<p>Texas "Ivies":
Rice University</p>

<p>Virginia "Ivies":
College of William and Mary
University of Virginia </p>

<p>So there's my list. Anyone care to agree or disagree? What makes these schools so prestigious...and why do I care? XD</p>

<p>You forgot Emory under GA...</p>

<p>I believe there are just under 30 universities that are "prestigious" enough to match the "Ivies". They are:</p>

Amherst College
Bowdoin College
Carleton College
Haverford College
Middleburry College
Pomona College
Swarthmore College
Wesleyan University
Williams College</p>

Brown University
California Institute of Technology
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Duke University
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Northwestern University
Princeton University
Rice University
Stanford University
University of Chicago
University of Notre Dame
University of Pennsylvania
Yale University</p>

University of California-Berkeley
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
University of Virginia</p>

<p>Honorable mention:
Bates College
Claremont McKenna College
Colby College
Colgate University
Davidson College
Grinnell College
Macalester College
Oberlin College
Reed College
Vassar College</p>

<p>Private Research Universities
Boston College
Brandeis University
Carnegie Mellon University
Emory University
Georgetown University
New York University
Tufts University
University of Rochester
University of Southern California
Vanderbilt University
Wake Forest University
Washington University-St Louis</p>

<p>Public universities
College of William and Mary
University of California-Los Angeles
University of California-San Diego
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
University of Texas-Austin
University of Wisconsin-Madison</p>

<p>EXCUSE ME (rolling pin raised threateningly)...WHERE'S WELLESLEY?</p>

<p>Single sex schools aren't open to all, so I usually do not include them in my lists. </p>

<p>This said, Wellesley, Smith and BMC are up there with the likes of Middlebury, Carleton, Oberlin etc...</p>

<p>Touguide, you aren't a Wellesley alumna are you? For some strange reason, I thought you were a dude.</p>

<p>you left out Barnard. The most selective of the lot, by a significant margin.
(And, by coincidence, possibly my daughter's ED choice)</p>

<p>I don't think Barnard is appreciably more selective than Wellesley and it terms of overall reputation, it seems to suffer the most, probably because it has such close ties to Columbia, which seems to dwarf its own identity. But maybe it is just me. Clearly, Barnard is very good, comparable to the likes of Bates and Macalester.</p>

<p>We'll have to do a separate Barnard thread some time; it's an odd case.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm about as dude as you can get. I just thought I'd save a Seven Sister the trouble of throwing a fit.</p>

<p>Isn't it more like 5 sisters, really? </p>


<p>Glad to see you confirm your dudeness touguide! LOL Seriously, I usually never include women's colleges because they are only accessible to 50% of the population. I also don't know much about them, so I typically shy away from commenting on them.</p>

<p>There was a time when the mere mention of Radcliffe, Wellesley, or Smith could make mortals quake in their boots</p>

<p>Today, I'm not even sure if the average person has even has heard of these names, and of course especially not Radcliffe, which I now understand some believe it was a mistake in letting it be swallowed up into Harvard</p>

<p>As far as which colleges are 'Ivies," there are a few online dating services that require that members be graduates of Ivy League colleges or other prominent colleges--they list the schools that qualify. Those might give the OP a rough idea of whom Ivy grads would see as not completely repugnant socially.</p>

<p>Of course I've never had to use one of these services myself. I just saw an ad for one in my U of Toronto alumni magazine.</p>

<p>A sample of what TourGuide is talking about:</p>

<p><a href="http://www.rightstuffdating.com/v_schools.cfm%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.rightstuffdating.com/v_schools.cfm&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I for one applaud these sites. They just do so much to mitigate the perception that Ivy Leaguers are all elitist snobs. I mean look, they'll actually deign to date someone from a lowly school like Vanderbilt. Quite generous of them, really.</p>

<p>Highest US News universities not to make the rightstuff list: Washington U. and Tufts (no Jumbos need apply, apparently, I guess kk was right). Highest ranking LACs not to make the cut: Colgate and Macalaster. My condolences to the alums of these 4 fine schools. I'm sure you'll be able to find a soulmate at this site: <a href="http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.arkansasrazorbacks.com&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>If you went to Northeastern, you can probably slip through the door while they're trying to figure out if it's the school in Evanston or the one in Boston.</p>

<p>About the list of "acceptable schools-" how very arbitrary!</p>


<p>If you're talking about therightstuff, DRab, don't fret, Berkeley is on the list.</p>

Medical Schools


<p>But no law schools! Ouch.</p>

Claremont Colleges


<p>Even Scripps and Pitzer?!?! They're diggin low.</p>


If you went to Northeastern, you can probably slip through the door while they're trying to figure out if it's the school in Evanston or the one in Boston.


<p>LOL! I doubt it. Anyone confuses Northeastern with Northwestern doesn't belong to rightstuff anyway. ;)</p>

<p>I went to a lot of trouble to find that link in post #15. Would appreciate it if somebody would at least check it out.</p>

<p>By the way, I think they used to include law schools. Can't say I blame them for eliminating them. Also, those last 4 are recent additions (Michigan, Virginia, Notre Dame, Vandy)--that's why they're stuck on at the end like that. I can see the owners of the site discussing the situation: "Look, it's bad enough that we have to include 2 more PUBLIC (with lip curled) schools, a Catholic Midwestern football factory, and a buch of Nashville rednecks. I'll be darned if I'll lift one of my soft manicured fingers to insert them on our list alphabetically."</p>