January 2011 SAT

<p>How do you guys think you did? </p>

<p>My guess: 760 M 670 CR 770 WR</p>

<p>I wrote a really good essay IMO and only messed up 1 math question.. but CR was pretty tough for me especially when I found out that my experimental wasn't CR but Wr..</p>

<p>hard as *****. i was so fricken frustrated. aced the essay, which got my confidence going but then the next section, i though the proctor would give like times "half-way...five minutes" and i couldnt see the clock from where i was situated so when the bell rang, i thought it was like five mins remaining but it wasnt - that was critical i f-ed that up. yeah i missed one or two math for like 750 or so and writing was like 770, cr: 650, maybe at best</p>

<p>I thought the writing and math were pretty easy but some of the cr questions were tough. my prediction: 780 M 770 WR 730 CR</p>

<p>I thought the finding the error questions were definitely more difficult than the prices ones I had done, but those are my weakest section on the SAT so who knows. I skipped 3 of those and guessed on 2 of them. Probably all wrong.
I skipped 2 on the math and I definitely got 1 of the write ins wrong. Possibly got another 2 on the math wrong.
CR was easier than any practice tests that I have ever taken... very high expectations for it.
With those details in mind, what do you guys predict my score to be?</p>

<p>I think it was section 4. It was like near impossible. Hopefully it was the experimental section.</p>

<p>Not really sure, based on the practice ones I've taken maybe 700m/760cr/750w</p>

<p>My predictions:</p>

<p>Math: 780
W: 720</p>

<p>AHH, i messed up so badly!</p>

<p>@goldendomer11 I know how you feel. I thoguht it was CR when there were 2 sections back to back, but then i found out that it was WR...
then i said to myself, * fk the 2350 is gone ): *</p>

<p>Prediction: M: 800 or 780( or whatever 1 wrong is ) , WR: 740 CR: 670</p>

<p>but im doing it again for sure. i got sick the day before, barely concentrated -.-</p>

<p>I love how everyone who did poorly "was sick"
Take responsibility for your actions. Is the embargo up?</p>

<p>Writing: on the big section I only had 2 C's the entire section. Essay: filed 2 pages but no grandiloquence.</p>

<p>Math: found it hard. I got 800 on math 2 and a 780 last time. I had 61 for the hexagon question.</p>

<p>CR: Vocab somewhat hard. I liked the passages. Hopefully I did better than 660.</p>

<p>My two cents.</p>

<p>i'm not saying I did poorly because I was sick, I meant that I could've done better if I wasn't. I did poorly because I didn't prep as well as I could've. Quite a difference. Anyways, what's the best way to get used to every single writing question presented ( such as disguised mistakes, or things that make things look wrong, but aren't ) , and also get used to reading questions and completions. I exhausted the Blue book and all the practice tests, so what else is there that's 100% reliable?</p>

<p>are we allowed to discuss the SAT yet? and yes Presidont i also got 61 for the hexagon question</p>

<p>The experimental section was in the writing section, because there were two 35-minute writing sections...</p>

<p>Yeah the section 4 reading was tough, especially because the dual passages before the long passages ate up a lot of time.</p>

<p>Oh yea and I think the hexagon question was 36 btw not 61</p>

<p>UPDATE: Never mind i got that wrong.</p>

<p>On the first math section i think i got all questions right except last, second section i missed one or two mc and one grid in, third section i missed 3. So thats like 47 or 48/54</p>

<p>So if the curve is decent, i can get a 700 godwilling.</p>

<p>Writing is based on chance for me, Im expecting ANYWHERE from 680-800 thats how unpredictable writing was for me, I usually get high 700s on practice tests but it depends on essay this time...</p>

<p>Reading i think i got low 600s cuz i did horrible on the second reading section, the one with two long passages and a dual passage.</p>

<p>Writing was the experimental? I could have sworn I only had one 25 minute writing section. Also what did you guys get for the hexagon question? I put 91, but I wasn't really too sure</p>

<p>I put 61.
Discuss specific questions? Yes/No? I have one question in mind that I want to pose but...</p>

<p>EDIT: Also, I didn't write the agreement on the back of the SAT booklet that said "do not print" in cursive... what's going to happen? Anyone done this before and would like to share what happened?</p>

<p>Pretty sure writing was experimental, but it was easy anyway.
Hexagon question I got 61. It was a 1+6+12+18+24 pattern I think. Was the one with adding the sequence 50/51? I thought I recognized the pattern but I don't know if that's right.</p>

<p>The CR passage stuff was somewhat difficult.. the one about the tribulation house was really hard</p>

<p>770 m, 720/680 (very unsure about this) r, 760 w.</p>

<p>just guesses.</p>

<p>^^ YES!!! i absolutely hated that passage. dumb fiction</p>