JC Classes instead of AP Classes for High school students: Question!!

<p>How colleges, secifically UC's and even more specifically UC berkeley (lol) feel about high school students taking transferable courses at junior college's instead of AP's at ones high school? </p>

<p>My sophomore year i took one semester of poli scie and one semester of US history in Lou of AP US history at my school (since I knew that AP US history would not fit into my junior year schedule), and junior year is when students at my school are generally designated to take AP or Ac us history. I did this because I knew I wanted to be in AP Biology junior year and can't have more than 6 periods at school. </p>

<p>Also, Junior year (this year) I'm taking psychology this semester (our school doesn't offer AP psych) as an elective at a junior college. And next semester will probably take macro (or micro) economics and astronomy. Oh, and I will be taking AP physics as a senior, I'm not taking astronomy as a way out of taking physics as some people do. It just seems like an interesting class and I want 5 years of science. Also, I'm planning on taking econ next semester, then poli scie 2 during the first semester of my senior year to make room for AP euro history. So, my reasons for taking JC classes instead of AP classes at school are justified (they just dont fit in with my schedule and all the other classes I want to take).
The JC I'm taking the classes at is actually pretty reputable and provides challenging coursework, basically he equivalent of what an AP class would be like with lots of essay's and tons of tests. </p>

<p>Is this OK? What do u guys think of this? For those of you from Cali, will these JC classes give me extra points in my UC GPA? Is it viewd as somewhat "slacker-ish" to take JC instead of AP classes?</p>

<p>Well, the only thing you'll really have to worry about is if the credits transfer. It might not look too good on your transcripts that you took easier classes, but I don't know how hard the JC ones were, so I can't say. But financially, you'd have a better chance with AP because they are accepted probably ninety percent more places than JC. I'd just be careful, but I wouldn't say it's impossible.</p>

<p>Well i'm planning on applying to CSU's,UC's mostly, USC and possibly U of Chicago. The courses i'm taking are CSU and UC transfereble, most ~~~~~~~ universities in Cali will let me transfer those courses as well. But i'm just wondering how impressive it looks.. are JC courses taken by students during high school as impressive as AP's?</p>

<p>I'm not sure.. I wish I knew. But I'm sure it will still give you credibility</p>

<p>Taking college courses while attending high school is looked more highly upon if the courses are difficult...For example an art course at the JC level is no big deal, but if you are taking some of your Math courses there then you are ahead of the game...As far as being able to transfer, it depends on where you are going talk to the transfer department at the JC and they will tell you where their units transfer and don't...</p>

<p>what do u mean by arts courses exactly? Do u mean things like history or other social sciences?</p>