Jerome-Fisher RD Chances?

<p>Asian Male, NJ
-2340 SAT (790M,790W,760V), SAT2: 800 (phys),800 (math 2c),780 (american)
-GPA=4.15(weighted) in competitive public school in NJ
-AP taken: Phys (5), American Hist(5), Calc BC (5), Stat (5), Span Lang (3)
-AP taking sr yr: Chem, Govt and Politics, Euro History, Economics </p>

-Chief founder/organizer of tsunami relief fundraiser concert - $5500 and all donated to Direct Relief International</p>

<p>-Chief organizer/leader of hurricane katrina tsunami relief project - raised $1300 and all donated to DRI</p>

<p>-Selected to and attended Columbia University Sci Honors Program (Junior and Senior yr)</p>

<p>-300+ volunteer hrs (all done for 2 or 3 yrs)- Fair Trade shop, special autistic children program, learning disability kids summer camp.</p>

<p>-Selected and attended M&T Summer Institute at UPENN junior summer</p>

<p>-Selected to NJ Region I Alto Sax
-Selected to NJPAC Jazz for Teens (only applied soph.yr)
-Winner of Amer Music Assoc Compet @ Carnegie (piano)
-4 year starting varsity member of fencing team
-4year member of stage jazz band, wind ensemble, sax quartet, and concert band
-Played piano for 10 yrs, Sax for 6 yrs
-3yr participant in NJ Essex County math league
-member of astronomy club and 4 yr intramural quizbowl participant</p>

<p>Summers (soph and junior summer together):
-Internship at KBS (broadcasting station)
-SAT Math Tutor
-Volunteered at learning disabled summer camp (2years i volunteered there added up to 9weeks)
-Lead 13 member community service program (fundraisers and volunt)
-attended M&TSI at upenn
-Kumon Tutor</p>

<p>the teachers @ our school have an unwritten policy that they wont write the rec as well if we dont waive our rights to see the rec - so i never know good the recs were. but those teachers like me.</p>

<p>im starting the essays now but theyre real good so far.</p>

<p>just curious about my chances.&lt;/p>

<p>you shouldve applied to penn instead of columbia man. what a shame.</p>

<p>btw i got deferred ED from columbia and right now i feel like i'm gonna get deferred/rejected from all the schools i like. so i dont mean to come across as bragging or anything if thats what some ppl think.</p>

<p>Columbia deferred you...</p>

<p>Must have a ton of people from NJ applying. </p>

<p>As far as Jerome Fisher goes, no one really has an idea. Only 40 kids get in, so it will be difficult for all.</p>

<p>I'm applying RD Jerome Fisher, and Wharton if I dont get into M&T. Just curious to know what the acceptance rate is like for RD M&Ters</p>

<p>its in the single digits
maybe like 8-9% id say</p>

<p>ouch that does NOT look promising. How do M&T rejects get treated by Wharton? Are they considered equal amongst the other Wharton applicants or put secondary? All this 'cause im debating whether to apply M&T (thats a dream program for me, but hey, if it reduces my chances of attending Penn, why apply for it ;))</p>

<p>Excellent scores and ECs, i'd say go for it.</p>

<p>go for it bro, you're stats are great</p>