Junior is dyinggggg

<p>hey I'm from a private school in west virginia, i moved there after freshman year from boston (big difference!). i am dying to go to Stanford. Any chance?</p>

<p>Schedule/End of year grades...
9th: A's in Hons Geometry, World Hist, Hons English, French 3 (skipped French 2), B+ in Hons Physics
10th: Straight As. No AP/honors classes offered for sophomores at my new school, so I took World Hist/World Lit 2, Chemistry, but got into Hons Precalc and AP French (5). Basically did well with the most difficult courseload.
11th: Schedule is AP French Lit, AP Bio, AP US hist, AP English, AP Calc AB (yes it seems stupid/arrogant to take 5 APs but the only hard ones for me are Calc and Bio. I'm getting good grades. Hope the exams go well.)</p>

-you've probably heard of JHU/CTY, I did that, and I also got into their Study of Exceptional Talent program for getting over 700 on SAT 1 Verbal before age 13. I got a scholarship and everything. JHU even does a special college rec for us "special" people. Haha what a joke. It's just an ego boost for asians.
-PSAT: 215 in soph year (basically ruined by a 64 math), did tons of practice and I got a 228 on the practice test yesterday (I tried to be as honest as possible about the score so it comes down to how accurate the practice test is. I bumped up to 77 math.)
-APs: again, no AP exams yet except for AP French Lang in 10th, got a 5
-SAT 1: haven't taken it
-SAT 2s: haven't taken any, but am taking French in November.</p>

-dance: I've done ballet for 9 years now, and I'm really into it. I also do jazz/hip-hop at a different studio. I recently had a solo performance for 250 people, 2 hrs long, 10 pieces. It was great <em>blushes</em> And I do community programs a lot too, maybe 3-4 a year. I guess this activity just shows a "passion" or whatever they look for.
-flute: I played the chinese wooden flute for 3 years in boston, got up to the competitive level, then I moved to WV and couldn't find a teacher. So I'm doing regular flute, and I'm learning to read Western music now. I'm in orchestra now. I guess flute just shows "interest" too.
-debate: JV state champ in 10th grade, lots of nat'l awards, basically a solid EC. I have 500 points, which is pretty good I guess. This makes up for my lack of leadership skills :/
-quiz bowl: since 10th grade. This year I'm leading it, and we hope to qual for state championships again. (we won district/ county last yr, got 3rd in state)
-tutoring: i tutor a lot. last year I did Spanish for a middle schooler, Math for a freshman, and did after school ESL for needy kids. Estimate 50 total volunteer tutor hours by end of this year, I think. Other community service is pretty minimal, although I'm secretary of my church youth group :)</p>

<p>So, any feedback? I know you can't tell much by the lack of test scores.</p>

<p>buUump, buUUump</p>

<p>Wow we have a lot in common. Only B in physics, 5 AP's, CTY, almost identical before and after PSAT scores, debate, tutoring...</p>

<p>I'd say you have a good shot so far just because you're from WV and have solid EC's. Just make sure your SAT score is up there.</p>