Junior's chances

<p>New SAT: (projected) 1900-2100
Old SAT I: 1200
W GPA 3.6
UW GPA 3.2
5 AP's by senior year (school only offers 1 junior AP)
Upward Weighted GPA:
Fresh-92.88 W
Soph-92.22 W
Junior-probably a 97 W
class rank: top 21% :&lt;/p>

3 years X-C
National Academy of Finance
200+ hours of Community service
Internship at Morgan Stanley this summer
Job held for 4 years @ 20 hours a week
History club-2 years
Key Club
Have run a small online business
Ran an annual drive for underprivilged children in Antigua
Attended National Student Leadership Conference in American U. in DC</p>

<p>My principal is a Wake Forest Alumni and will write one of my recs and I am going there for an interview this summer. I live in NJ and am a white male.</p>

Wake Forest
Mary Washington
American University
(any other suggestions would be appreciated)</p>


<p>Those I know of...</p>

<p>UNC - In-state match, out of state big reach
Wake - match/reach
Elon - safety
Villanova - match
American - match</p>

<p>I would definitely say that both Wake Forest and UNC are reaches for you....</p>

<p>Wow you have like practically the same stats as me...wierd
I have different EC's but the jobs/internships you had are awesome</p>

<p>XC is the greatest sport ever
good luck wherever you go...</p>