Just to get this out there

<p>This may be similar to the other thread i have about girls run the honors classes and this is not to cause spark about anything like people saying "what does it matter" but anyways</p>

<p>I notice that my female teachers in general are tons harder than my male teachers. I mean the male teachers (besides one) are so laid back and dont care nearly as much. They give a lot more As and they tend to not be as harsh grading. It's also nice that we don't have to deal with PMS with the male teachers. I hate when my female teachers come into school during their PMS and start fliiping out on students.</p>

<p>were lucky, all of my teachers are very laid back, female or male. with the exception of one female teacher they are all very nice. maybe its just cause were seniors though</p>

<p>No real difference in teachers in my school, but there is one, who is 30, and is trying to teach an AP class- and is currently failing msieably. It does not help that said person is disorganized and considers a two-page free response essay a minor quiz.</p>

<p>Hmm, I agree, for the most part. Of course I can't make a judgment on all teachers based on just the ones I've had.</p>

<p>Female teachers also tend to be more organized, which makes their classes more structured.</p>

<p>i only have 62 kids in my class and the next biggest is 48, so we dont have many teachers, that makes a big difference i think</p>

<p>My school is more female-dominated anyways (for teachers) but I've found them to be of equal difficulty in teaching.</p>

<p>I have observed nearly the opposite: female teachers tend to be less organized and more in the humanities (I have not seen a female math teacher since grade 6 and a female science teacher since grade 9; however, I have had no male Spanish or Chinese teachers, one male English teacher (grade 10), and one male social studies teacher (APUSH).</p>

<p>trader you love starting threads.
just had to get that out there.</p>

<p>As a result, the females tend to be toughter, but that is from the viewpoint of a person who tends to struggle in the humanities every year.</p>

<p>my school actually has more female science/math teachers and male social studies (especially) /english teachers...at least for the honors and ap classes but overall we do have more female teachers, probably around 2:1 or maybe more.</p>

<p>and yes when, i do love starting threads.</p>