Kent Blossom Festival


<p>Wonder if anyone might assist in comparison of the Kent Blossom Music Festival (Cleveland Orchestra affiliated) to the Round Top International Festival. My daughter has now been accepted to both (oboe) and is "stressing" over the choice (her response is due by 3/27). I really don't have any personal insight into these issues, and so find myself unable to offer any "fatherly advice." </p>

<p>Appreciate any insights you may offer... drd</p>

<p>At least they're great choices.</p>

<p>I think at Kent students are responsible for meals, so there is a cost there. I think Roundtop covers everything.</p>

<p>Egads, from a string perspective, it is really a toss up. Off the top, if you wanted string/chamber coaching with the Miami String Quartet, it might be the deciding factor. Both strings faculties are very good. </p>

<p>Check the chamber rotations and assignments. One may be a bit better in that respect regarding d's interest level in chamber/small ensemble performance.</p>

<p>The level of play could be best described as pretty equal from year to year. A lot of cross over applicants and attendees. Might be a few more preprofessionals at Roundtop, but this also varies.</p>

<p>At this point, I'd look at d's faculty preferences or who might be of interest. Conductors, guest artists may also figure in, maybe repetoire and master class arists.</p>

<p>Compare dates, travel costs, duration, Ohio summer weather versus Texas summer weather.</p>

<p>It is not unusual to find students who have participated in both Kent Blossom and Roundtop.</p>

<p>If nothing else works, flip a coin.</p>

<p>Congrats to D.</p>

<p>The biggest difference is program orientation-- chamber music is a much larger component of the curriculum at K-B than at Round Top.</p>

<p>Also, Round Top is somewhat larger, so for strings it's slightly (but only slightly) less competitive.</p>

<p>Agree with fiddlefrog. K-B is definately more chamber focused.</p>