Kenyon, Sarah Lawrence, Ohio Wesleyan, and Albion

<p>Hi! I am looking for some advice about which college to pick: Kenyon, Sarah Lawrence, Ohio Wesleyan, or Albion. </p>

<p>I am still waiting on 2 of those decisions, but hope my chances are good enough. I know the schools differ in location, programs, etc; however, I see benefits to all of these institutions. </p>

<p>For some perspective, I am a female from MI who is very involved in music, but will be going to college for English or Philosophy (or a double major). I interview really well, and I love verbal communication.</p>

<p>Any experiences at any of these colleges or general advice would be greatly appreciated!</p>


<p>If you need financial aid, Sarah Lawrence is about 60k/year and will not meet your need.
If you are not eligible for financial aid and will be full pay, it won’t be an issue for you.</p>

<p>Any suggestions or info about these schools?</p>

<p>SLC has lots of writing and English literature courses, but limited philosophy courses:
[Undergraduate</a> Catalogue](<a href=“Disciplines and Programs of Study | Sarah Lawrence College”>Disciplines and Programs of Study | Sarah Lawrence College)</p>

<p>Do you have the financial aspect worked out with your parents?</p>

<p>Kenyon has one the best English departments in the country, although it is the most selective of those you listed</p>

<p>My S is at Kenyon, and a self professed english shakespeare nerd, writer and philosopher. :slight_smile: He has found his people and is pretty darn happy there. You have to be okay with the small bubble, but what a great school. Financial aid was an unusual situation for us, so I can’t speak to it.</p>

<p>Sagacious, I recommend you wait to see how the finances work out. Is Hiram still on your list? Is that your safety since they gave you a scholarship?</p>


<p>Which school did you finally decide on? and why? Just curious.</p>

<p>Last activity from the OP was May of 2013 (click on the name to find that out). You may want to see if a PM gets to her.</p>