kines v lsa

<p>applying as a transfer, is kinesiology an easier school to get into as opposed to lsa, or are you applying to kinesiology through lsa? I'm a bit confused, any insight is appreciated..kines accepts 70 credits transfer while lsa accepts only 60?

<p>Depends on what you want to major in. I know for sure that u don't have to apply through lsa to get to kines. kines is there own separate program so u don't have to worry about that. As for difficulty, I believe that it's more difficult to transfer into kines than lsa because lsa is bigger than kines in terms of student enrollment, thus can accept more transfer students</p>

<p>that makes sense - thanks for your prompt response</p>

<p>Son as well as several other freshman applicants on this board found out the hard way that the School of Kines. is the gateway for many recruited athletes. They take a sizeable number of the limited spaces available since the School of Kines. is small. A search will provide you with threads relating to deferred/waitlisted U-M applicants. The Kines. kids did not fare well in comparison to LS & A. As a transfer, this may not be as much of an issue, but I wouldn't take the gamble. Go for LS & A, unless there's a specific Kines. major that you can't live without.</p>