Korean girl in Singapore, chances at RD schools - pls look

<p>Hello, I'd really appreciate if someone could see what chances I have at the following schools (all RD), I already applied Columbia ED:</p>

3.Claremont McKenna

<p>I'm a Korean girl going to an international school in Singapore.
I do the IB.</p>

<p>My SAT score is not that great. It is a 1350, and I am not retaking them.
V - 670
M - 680</p>

<p>SAT 2 results (writing, 1c, lit) coming out in 5 days (will post asap)</p>

<p>Keep LOOKING....</p>

Photo club (9,10,11,12)
Dance - including performances (9,10, 11, 12)
Yearbook Editor (11)
Student Executive member for Global Concerns (11)
Member of Promoting Animal Welfare Global Concerns (11,12)
Figure drawing, portraiture classes (11)
Art outreach community service (11,12)
Riding for the disable community service (11)
Footprints magazine layout team member (12)
School newspaper journalist (11,12)</p>

<p>Work experience at an Art gallery (11)</p>

<p>Community service for a week in an orphanage in Bali, which a group of friends and I raised money for (11)</p>

<p>I want to major in English literature and art history</p>

<p>I don't know exactly what my predicted IB grades are..
But I do HL - Eng, Art and History and I should most likely get 7,6,7. Maybe if I'm lucky 3 7's.</p>

<p>And SL - STS, French B, Math Methods and I know for sure that I'd get 6,7,7</p>

<p>I've done my extended essay on English (Doris Lessing - The Memoirs of a Survivor). And hopefully I'll be able to get the 3 bonus points.</p>

<p>I'm at least expecting a 40+ score. They'll be between 41-43 points out of 45.</p>

<p>I know I've got 3 excellent teacher recs; and I'll have a solid, unique and catching essay.</p>

<p>What do you think?
How could I increase my chances...
Do SAT 1 scores really count so much if I'm an international student and all that..</p>

<p>If you need anymore info, please ask..</p>

<p>1.Yale - unlikely
2.Brown - likely
3.Claremont McKenna - likely
4.Skidmore - definite
5.NYU - likely
6.Chicago - iffy
7.Wesleyan - don't know
8.Wellesley - iffy
9.Barnard - likely</p>

<p>what's iffy?</p>

<p>and if Brown is likely, does that mean Columbia's likely too?</p>

<p>and by likely what do you mean exactly?</p>

<p>likely means its 50-50.
Iffy is means 25% or less, btw Brown should be in this category. since you applied to columbia ED, you have good chances there.
BTW ,which school are you in at singapore? I am also studying in singapore at SAS.</p>

<p>O really? wow.. i didn't think many people from singapore posted on CC.
I go to UWC! lol.. I was at SAS the other saturday. lol</p>

<p>Well it's nice to meet you! :) I'm Christina.</p>

<p>i'm an international student too at bkk, thailand..
just 1 week ago UWC came here for SEASAC volleyball aha..
the UWC ppl are friendly n funny ; D</p>

<p>haha did you meet coralyn (CJ) and lindsay?</p>

<p>They are in my grade.. lol.
where are you applying to danny?
are you at ISB or patana?</p>

<p>I went to patana to play tennis but not seasac or nething..</p>

<p>Highly doubtful that you'll get into the ivies, maybe Wellesley, Chicago and Claremont with a great app, decent shot at the rest. Being international makes things harder, not easier. If you need money, way harder! They will allow a little on verbal SAT id English isn't your first language or the one you've been educated in more specifically, but your math SAT need to be well above a school's average.</p>

<p>ok.. i'll just wait and see what happens. :)</p>