LA Times: State cuts give private colleges an edge

<p>State</a> cuts give private colleges an edge --</p>

<p>Article focuses on effect of California budget crisis on public vs. private college education. Says that private colleges are turning the budget crisis to their advantage with savvy marketing and special deals. Private schools are assuring students that they can get into the classes they want, graduate on time, and get personal attention. Article says the private colleges are boosting aid and pointing out the tuition costs and lost income if they cannot graduate on time from a UCs or Cal States. Says that Cal Lutheran is offering scholarships specifically for students accepted to UCs or Cal States. Richard Vos of Claremont McKenna says "we are not trying to capitalize on the unfortunage budget woes of the state of California," besides, "he wouldn't want to hit a man when he's down."</p>

<p>That's good. When many of those accept UC applicants won't show up on registration time, the UC campuses will become less overcrowded.</p>

<p>California is not the only state with enormous budget woes that are affecting state colleges. </p>

<p>The only thing I have to say is be grateful for what you have (or get) or where you get in. Tomorrow is promised to nobody.</p>