Ladies -- opinion on foundation garments

Where did you buy your dress? Did the sales team there have any recommendations bout foundation garments?

This thread made me laugh. My youngest son got married last September. I wore Spanx. It was comfortable enough but I peeled that sucker off that night and threw it into the bottom of the closet where I believe it still resides.

I wore ‘shapewear’ for a wedding yesterday. First time. I purchased this:
Since it’s a slip, restroom breaks were possible without disrobing. The slip has that slightly sticky stuff along the inside at the hem, which keeps it from creeping up. It was comfortable, even though it was very hot at reception hall. Since you wear your own bra, it doesn’t flatten anything you don’t want smoothed out.

So I tried on one of those torsette shaping slips today. In minutes I was sweating bullets, plus I have to say I really didn’t like the way my thighs rubbed together and it was tough to walk. The dress looked good, though, but I didn’t buy either.

Zulily has Spanx right now.

@FlyMeToTheMoon that’s exactly why I elected to go without for my son’s wedding! As with many things in my life as I age, I’m going for comfort rather than fashion. I just made sure to stand behind someone else for the pictures!

" I just made sure to stand behind someone else for the pictures!"

That’s terrible. There are plenty of beautiful dresses that don’t need shapewear, and plenty of shapewear that does not make one feel like stuffed sausage.

I tried Shapermint from a Facebook ad and was very pleased.

I am a big Spanx fan. I wore a bodysuit under my form-fitting MOB dress, and I think I looked pretty darn good. I also wear them under work clothes when things just need a bit of smoothing. I have not tried any of the other shapewear listed, but I am sure all are good. For one time, even the less expensive brands are fine (but they tend not to last as long).

I read that some of the stars on the read carpet wear 2 spanx!

I have zero advice on shapewear - guess I don’t care enough about what other people think to be willing to be uncomfy in that way. But I do know what it’s like to wear new sports gear and suspect shapewear is similar with the potential to be irritating, rub in weird ways, present unforeseen challenges. If you don’t normally wear this stuff, don’t wear it for the first time the Big Day; as soon as you get it, wear it around the house for a few hours first. If it’s OK, then wear it for a day under the same thing or similar thing that you plan to wear it with on event day. That way, you’ll be more comfy and will be able to take care of any issues you discover in advance.

Personally, I agree with @milee30. I’ve never worn any shapewear, but would definitely wear it around the house a bit to be sure I even wanted to keep it. I’d also wear it for as long as the event is going to be, in as similar a temperature and situation as I could, under a similar type garment, just to be sure I would be as comfortable as possible. I have never worn shapewear so far, so it would be a totally foreign item to me.
Many of the weddings I’ve attended have a portion outdoors (warm) and indoors (cold). I’d want whatever I wear to be comfortable for both situations. Personally, I’ve never cared enough to own shapewear.

There are degrees of shaping. The extra firm shapewear feels tighter than the kinda-firm shapewear. Visit a department store & try some on.

For what it’s worth, I don’t find the Spanx I have to be uncomfortable.

I used the Shapermint high-waisted thing under my MOB dress. Very comfortable.

A properly fit shaper has the comfy feel of yoga pants or leggings. :slight_smile:

OK, then I have to ask, yoga pants (at least the ones I wear) are fitted close to the skin but not compressive. Isn’t shapewear compressing the stuff underneath? And if it’s compressing the stuff underneath, how the heck is that comfy? And exactly how tight are your yoga pants? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is the point - smoothing, not compressing. :slight_smile: My Align pants are super comfy - I basically live in them. Highly recommend. I wear them as tights in the winter… I once tried a dress on at Nordstrom over my Lulu pants, and the SA commented that I was in very good shape. Uhhmmm… that’s not me - the yoga pants turned “shapewear.” :wink:

Does the Simone Perele roll? I would like to find shaping shorts/slip that come to my waist, but everything I’ve tried rolls … so I end up with smooth hips and a bigger belly!

I did a little work with Sara Blakely when she was starting company (she was friend of one of my colleagues). Purchasing Spanx is definitely out of the question for me.

@houndmom - interesting. Is it because of the founder?

@BunsenBurner Yep

She was still developing business idea so I only spoke with her. Nothing terrible, but I vowed I would never purchase her products - no matter how much I may need them!