Last-minute reaches?

<p>Here is my current status:
1. UT Austin -- awaiting decision
2. Texas A&M -- Accepted; awaiting honors decision
3. Case Western EA -- deferred/withdrawn
4. U Minnesota -- awaiting decision
5. Colorado Mines -- Accepted/withdrawn
6. U Vermont -- Accepted; honors; presidential scholarship
7. Colorado State -- Accepted; honors; presidential scholarship</p>

<p>Is it worth applying to any last minute reach schools since my list is very heavy on safety/ match schools. (my only reach is case western and UT because of auto admit law). If so, any suggestions???</p>

<p>Super quick info:
High test scores, bad rank because i screwed up freshman year. 33 ACT, top %25 at competitive Houston public school, involved in volunteering, academic decathlon, varsity track, varsity cross country. For senior year I have 3 APs, 1 honors and all As first semester. I want to major in chemistry and possibly become a vet.</p>

<p>Correction: I was deferred but did not withdraw from Case Western</p>

<p>Try JHU as a super reach. And why not UCLA and UCSD?</p>

<p>Wow that is a super reach. I didn't take SAT IIs though so couldn't anyways.</p>

<p>Are the Presidential Scholarships full tuition/full ride? If so you would be foolish to turn them down unless your parents are very affluent.</p>

<p>Oh no they aren't full ride, it makes them about the same cost as going to UT or A&M (about 20k). I might possibly get another scholarship from Colorado though. Just called presidential because they are the highest scholarships, although I bet they give out full rides too.</p>

<p>Very few schools offer full rides, a broader set offer full tuition scholarships. Col State offers neither to OOS students. Scholarships</a> for Entering Non-Resident Freshman - Student Financial Services - Colorado State University You have the highest scholarship offered at $9K/year. That would bring the cost down to $28K. Costs</a> of Attendance - Student Financial Services - Colorado State University That's a little higher than in-state at UT which is now $25K. Cost</a> of Attending | Be a Longhorn</p>

<p>I also have a scholarship for being in biomedical science honors which brings it down 2k more. It ends up being slightly above UT. However, A&M is even cheaper and a " better" school than Colorado so it probably wont end up as my final choice :/ it will probably come down to UT and A&M which are my only instate schools I applied to hence why I am looking for one last reach. Especially since I dont know about UT yet.</p>

<p>When I say cost is about 20k I am only including tuition and housing b/c some of the extra costs are estimates. I do that more so to compare schools rather than look at the final cost. I realize the grand total is larger.</p>