Last year's ED and RD results

<p>Does anyone happen to have the link to them?</p>

<p>Yeah, does anyone have a page of the stats of the kids who were accepted ED last year?</p>

<p>Here, civilians, maybe this will help:</p>

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<p>Look at Cornell's stats. Unreal!</p>

<p>Scroll down and you'll see RD stats.</p>

<p>anyone know last years rates by school?</p>

<p>Those stats on Ivy success are for the class of 2007 which is a long time ago. Admissions has changed drastically. </p>

<p>Acceptance rate for the Wharton 2010 class was 11.5% (ED and RD combined). 5000 applied for all Wharton programs for a target class of 512 and 4300 applied for a single degree and 402 were admitted.</p>