Late Show w/ David Letterman (Tix)

<p>So I'm the President of the Engineering Society at NYU, and we have 20 tickets for the Late Show w/ David Letterman - specifically for Tuesday, September 26. We'll probably have some extra tickets left over -- so if you CURRENTLY go to NYU and you're available on that Tuesday from 2:45 - 6 pm, please instant message me (spdigital20). If you'de like to bring a guest that's okay, as long as we have extra tickets.</p>

<p>do you get extra tickets often? (I'm dying to go to a taping, but I have class on Tuesdays at that time).</p>

<p>once a year .. so far</p>

<p>Letterman tickets are very easy to get. I don't remember the details but google it and it will give you the number you need to call.</p>