LD debaters?

<p>Haha so I just returned from an LD debate competition. I am a novice and I went 2-1 at this competition...</p>

<p>Any tips on how NOT to be a timeskew when you can't find any reasons to oppose someones argument, but you don't want to drop it during your rebuttal?</p>

<p>Think of ways to argue the contentions (LD tests your skills arguing logically-unlike policy-my evidence or your evidence is better debate, butterfly effect, etc.....). </p>

<p>You can't BS your way out and make it look like you argued it because your opponent will notice right away and say is that you didn't really refute his or her arguments.</p>

<p>On some topics such as eminent domian, numbers & statistics can help alot and you can use them to help form your arguments. </p>

Justice is a necessary condition of morality. Clearly, people have a moral obligation to be just.</p>

<p>thanks! anyone else?</p>