letters of recommendation

<p>For letters of recommendation, is it bad to ask 2 teachers in similar fields? Is it better to ask teachers with very different teaching topics? I know some schools specify having a math/sci teacher along with a social sciences/humanities teacher, but for schools that dont specify, does it still matter? Thanks</p>

<p>Some schools that -do- specify (sometimes by means of the CommonApp) actually don't care as long as the two evaluations from the same subject area are unique from each other.</p>

<p>When schools make it clear that they want recommendations from two very different courses, it's obvious what has to be done.</p>

<p>And when unspecified, it's best to ask. The schools that do specify, but not explicitly, should be asked as well. That's how you know that they won't mind a lot about evaluations that have smaller academic breadth.</p>