Letters of Recommendation

<p>Today, I called the NYU admission department and they said you can send more than one couselor recommendation and one teacher recommendation, but they cannot guarantee that additional recommendations are read because of the huge number of applicants. So, I'm applying Early Decision to Gallatin and I do not know whether to send an additional teacher recommendation. I was going to ask my current English teacher, since he really likes my writing and I am doing really well in the class. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Gallatin emphasize being a very strong writer? ANYWAY, should I ask for a recommendation from him for NYU or should I wait and just ask him for a different college if I don't get into NYU ED. I thought since I'm applying early, there wouldn't be as many applicants and it would be read. Basically, I don't want to waste a recommendation if it's not going to be read, but if it is read, I think it could give me a boost. Thoughts????</p>

<p>well...i think it might actually be okay for early decision...cuz like...i think when they mean they hv tooo many ppl, they mean regular decision...they may a more do-able number of early decisions to work through...just my two cents</p>

<p>My advice is pick the teacher who you feel would write a better recommendation, and teaches the subject closest to your intended major. Don't mess around with sending more than one teacher recommendation. Last year I sent in just a recommendation from my AP US history teacher (i'm a history major), but I had my spanish teacher send recommendations to every school I applied to except for NYU - hypothetically, I didn't want them to randomly choose to read my spanish teacher's recommendation rather than the more impressive rec from my history teacher.</p>