LGBT Preferred Colleges

<p>I am in no way a homophobe, but I was reading recently about several of the colleges on my list and heard a lot about huge gay populations. I'm just not sure that I would be comfortable with a huge population of gays in my face all the time.
This is what I heard:
American U is called "Gay U" because that is how queer it is
Sarah Lawrence students have joked "queer in a year or your money back!"
Northampton (Smith College) is nicknamed "Lesbianville, USA" </p>

<p>Are these statements true? For straight girls here, do you notice it regularly/is it ever a problem?</p>

<p>That’s why I won’t go to all male college :p</p>

<p>Are you SURE you’re not a homophobe? I’m just kind of imagining how it might seem different if it were "I’m just not sure that I would be comfortable with a huge population of blacks in my face all the time. "</p>

<p>Yeah, I can’t see how this thread will end well… there are very few colleges in the US with a few religious college exceptions where there aren’t openly gay students. You may very well end up with a gay roommate – you may or may not even know it, depending on how out the other student is and whether they choose to share that info. But it is possible that you will end up with people openly gay as roommates or suitemates or on your hall or in your classes at almost any college. But believe me… no gay student wants to hit on a straight student who isn’t interested in them. So why does it really matter?</p>

<p>Cheers for intparent.</p>

<p>Pbunny, after squelching several snide retorts, I have a sincere question for you: what makes you think gay people want to be “in [your] face all the time”? Or even ever?</p>

<p>I replied in a humerous way but let me tell you something. Most college students don’t care whether you are purple or yellow.</p>

<p>If you have some reason like this, don’t go to college.</p>

<p>I’m sure I’m not a homophobe, I have several may gay friends… But for instance, Smith. It’s all girls, the other 4 colleges in the consortium are twenty minutes away. I like guys as friends as and especially as boy friends.
There is a very blunt post that says Georgetown and George washington students look down on those who go to AMERICAN U, and another that says if you go to Smith you are immediately assumed as a lesbian.</p>

<p>(Oh, and by the way, comparing gays to blacks is so so so different)</p>

<p>So if you are worried about it, then cross those schools off your list.</p>

<p><a href=“Oh,%20and%20by%20the%20way,%20comparing%20gays%20to%20blacks%20is%20so%20so%20so%20different”>quote</a>


Why? I don’t see the difference. Well, I suppose I *see *the difference if the gay people under consideration aren’t black, but I don’t understand the distinction that seems obvious to you.</p>

<p>If you’re openly trying to avoid gay people, then I really hope they don’t have to come in contact with you…</p>

<p>And anyway, I don’t know the statistics but single sex colleges are not dominated by gay people. They won’t be “in your face” anyway.</p>

<p>I guess it depends what you consider a “huge” gay population</p>

<p>Don’t worry about generalizations–straight people dominate everywhere. I guess you should go where you’re comfortable?</p>

<p>also wondering how your gay friends feel about posts like this…</p>

<p>Theres a lot of talk about male-female interaction at same sex universities in the “womens colleges” section in the college search forum that you should look at. Don’t worry about finding a boyfriend</p>

<p>The American thing isn’t true; maybe a few GW and Georgetown students feel that way, but American doesn’t have that reputation around here. GW has the reputation of being really expensive and stingy with financial aid though.</p>

<p>If you have any concerns, maybe you should visit the schools?</p>

<p>The vast majority of students at schools that have “huge” gay populations are still heterosexual. Huge in this case is more relative and more in terms of visibility since there are many schools where there is still open discrimination within the student body.</p>

<p>Food for thought: what does it mean to be “in your face all the time?” Would you consider a fraternity/sorority crush party in your face? What about a straight couple holding hands? A kiss goodbye before class? What about ladies night at a straight bar? What about homecoming court where men escort women only? My point being, do you consider those things to be heterosexuality “in your face all the time” and do you have a problem with that? Not looking to start a debate so no need to respond - just think about it.</p>

<p>“I’m sure I’m not a homophobe, I have several may gay friends”</p>


<p>"(Oh, and by the way, comparing gays to blacks is so so so different)"</p>


<p>“Lesbianville, USA” </p>


<p>Wait a minute…you want to major in *theatre <a href="%5Burl%5D">/I</a>, and you have a problem having too many gay people “in [your] face all the time”?</p>

<p>Sorry, I’m calling ■■■■■ on this one.</p>

<p>This is silly. The schools you listed are great places to attend college. American University is known for its awesome location, its diversity, its business, political science, international relations programs, etc. There’s so much more to a college than student sexual orientations… You shouldn’t shy away from schools because you’re worried about lesbians. LGBT students are in many colleges. You’ll encounter gay people throughout your life, so why does it matter if it happens in college? You also didn’t help yourself by mentioning race…</p>

<p>might want to leave this out of your app essays</p>

<p>Pbunny’s post isn’t politically correct but she doesn’t need to be attacked for it. Perhaps she didn’t phrase this post in the best way but she’s being extremely honest. There’s a difference between being a homophobe and not wanting to see people sticking their tongues down each other’s throats all over the place (of any sexual orientation!) Perhaps she just knows she gets along with people in a more conservative atmosphere. There’s no need to shout down someone with a slightly different (and perhaps honest) opinion as a bigot.
I haven’t heard that about American but all girls colleges would probably tend to have more lesbians because it’s more conducive to finding someone to date, in the same way I don’t want to attend an all girls school because I’m straight and want to meet guys. Yes I understand lesbians also attend co-ed campuses, thanks.</p>

<p>Thank you kickemoff</p>



<p>But that wouldn’t be about gay. That would be about bad behavior.</p>

<p>If Pbunny is ascribing that kind of behavior to being gay, then she doesn’t understand being gay. And if Pbunny thinks all gay people are going to act like that, she’s really harboring an unfair prejudice that demands to be confronted.</p>

<p>If you want to call people out for bad behavior, I’m 100% behind that. If you want to say that it has anything whatsoever to do with being gay, I’m against that, 100%.</p>

<p>Ah yes, some of your best friends…</p>

<p>Why not talk to them about this issue. They can look it up for you on the LGBT Network (surely they have the secret handshake!).</p>