Linden Hall

<p>I have read many negative reviews of Linden Hall in Lititz, PA, and I am appauled. So many are untrue. My daughter went through a process to be accepted such as, essays, testing, interviews, and spending a day at the school. I have had nothing but positive experiences thus far. It is a much harder school then many. They accept girls who want the best education for themselves. My daughter has excelled in some courses and others have made her realize she is not as advanced as she thought she was, and it is making her challenge herself more. The only downfalls of this school are it is expensive, and it is hard to make friends that you can see outside of school due to the fact that many live far and others live in the dorms, but education is top notch. I have never heard of any drug or alcohol problems, nor bullying. They offer girls who enjoy a more challenging educational experience the opportunity. </p>

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