Link to 1950's UF Anthem - By: Glee Club

<p>Check out this link! It's a 3 minute performance of the UF Anthem:</p>

<p>orange_and_blue.mp3</a> - DivShare</p>

<p>That's awesome! I downloaded it. My favorite is We Are the Old Boys From Florida- I always look forward to that in the football games!

<p>In what year did UF become coed?</p>

<p>It was 1946 I think. Now the campus is predominantly women.</p>

<p>"Predominantly" women? I knew there were more ladies than guys, but really?</p>

<p>All campuses are becoming predominantly women. A whole generation of men (of all races) are falling behind.</p>

<p>the ration of women to men is slightly larger. I wouldn't say predominantly women. It's close to being even. It depends on your major. Engineering has more men, nursing more women, etc.</p>

<p>53 % women, and only 47% men.</p>

<p>I really notice that 6%. </p>

<p>More women is not necessarily a bad thing.</p>

<p>Haha, its nice to be outnumbered</p>